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Clean up for 04/19/2023 content update

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This week's content update added the comic book title Mark Schultz: Carbon.  This is a duplication of the book title of the same name.  The #5 HC item under the book title should be moved to the comic book title and then the new comic book title should be deleted.  

Also added was the magazine title After Hours (Fantaco).  The issue published under this title is actually a facsimile edition of the first issue of the After Hours magazine published by Warren (although the indicia states Jay Publications... I'm guessing that was a precursor or subsidiary of what would become Warren Publishing).  I don't think it makes sense for facsimile editions to get their own title.  I suggest the following:
•  Creation of the title After Hours (Jay) or After Hours (Warren) in the magazine category [If I had to pick, I would suggest the former over the latter]
•  Move the existing issue of After Hours (Fantaco) to the new After Hours title as issue #1 (2nd print) [and include a note that the issue was published by Fantaco]
•  Delete the After Hours (Fantaco) title


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