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Inquiry about the current "add new comic book" or magazine, book etc.

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Today 5/13/23, after today's latest update, I am currently using ComicBase 2023 Archive Edition v23.2.2 (Build 2851) (16.27 MB), when I was typing in the publisher, and dates etc, etc., the words did not appear in the corresponding block, so I had no way of seeing what I typed; I was literally typing blind. I am aware of the very top of the entry screen that shows the title of the book, comic, etc... but it will not reflect that for me for the publisher, country of origin, etc. I just want to be sure I am typing in the data correctly since I am literally not able to see the screen's mirroring what I am typing in the corresponding block. Is there a reason this is happening, what am I missing? Appreciate your guidance please. Thank you.

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I have the 4K Archive Edition and the same build. I am not seeing what you are describing when adding a new Title.

Is is possible to get screen prints of what you are seeing?

And the exact steps you are taking (the more detail the better)?

The only thing I can think of is the 'focus' is not in the box you are trying to type in.


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