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Cover Scan Maintenance 2024-02-07

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Delete or Move HC.jpg
From: Pictures\B\Bantam Spectra\Flight Into Darkness
To: Pictures\B\Bantam\Flight Into Darkness

Delete or Move MMPB.jpg
From: Pictures\B\Bantam Spectra\Lord of Snow and Shadows
To: Pictures\B\Bantam\Lord of Snow and Shadows

Delete or Move MMPB.jpg
From: Pictures\B\Bantam Spectra\Prisoner of the Iron Tower
To: Pictures\B\Bantam\Prisoner of the Iron Tower

Delete or Move TPB.jpg
From: Pictures\D\Downtown Bookworks\DC Super Hero Origin Stories
To: Pictures\D\Downtown Bookworks\Super Hero Origin Stories

Delete or Move HC.jpg
From: Pictures\D\Downtown\DC Super Heroes on the Go
To: Pictures\D\Downtown\DC Super Heroes- On the Go

Delete or Move TPB.jpg
From: Pictures\D\Dover\Shadow, The (Dover)
To: Pictures\D\Dover\Crime Oracle and the Teeth of the Dragon, The- Two Adventures of the Shadow

Delete or Move 1.jpg and 2.jpg
From: Pictures\D\Dr. Master\Divine Melody
To: Pictures\D\DrMaster\Divine Melody

Delete or Move 1.jpg and 1-A.jpg
From: Pictures\D\Dr. Master\Feng Shui Academy
To: Pictures\D\DrMaster\Feng Shui Academy

Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 3.jpg)
From: Pictures\D\Dr. Master\Four Constables, The- Secret of the Delirium Dagger
To: Pictures\D\DrMaster\Four Constables, The- Secret of the Delirium Dagger

Delete or Move 1-HC.jpg
From: Pictures\D\Dr. Master\Goths Cage
To: Pictures\D\DrMaster\Goths Cage

Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 6.jpg)
From: Pictures\D\Dr. Master\Puri Puri
To: Pictures\D\DrMaster\Puri Puri

Delete or Move 1.jpg and 2.jpg
From: Pictures\D\Dover\Miles the Monster
To: Pictures\D\Dover International Speedway\Miles the Monster

Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 7.jpg)
From: Pictures\E\Eclipse\Night Music (P. Craig Russell's) (2nd Series)
To: Pictures\E\Eclipse\Night Music (2nd Series)

Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 1-F.jpg)
From: Pictures\A\Astonishing Comics\Kor-Drath- The Reckoning
To: Pictures\A\Astonishing\Kor-Drath

Delete or Rename GN 1.jpg to 1-A.jpg then Move
From: Pictures\D\Dover\Last Of Dragons
To: Pictures\E\Epic\Last of the Dragons

Delete or Move 1.jpg
From: Pictures\I\Image\M\Madman In Your Face 3D Special
To: Pictures\I\Image\M\Madman In Your Face 3D Special!

Delete or Rename 3.jpg to TPB 3.jpg
From: Pictures\V\Vertical\Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World (Light Novel)

Delete or Rename
1.jpg to 389.jpg
2.jpg to 447.jpg
3.jpg to 480.jpg
4.jpg to 515.jpg
Then Move
From: Pictures\D\Dell\Andy Hardy Comics
To: Pictures\D\Dell\Four Color Comics (2nd Series)

Delete 4-K.jpg
From: Pictures\M\Marvel\E\Empyre
(Duplicate of 4-J.jpg)

Delete 1-M.jpg
From: Pictures\M\Marvel\M\Miles Morales- Spider-Man (2nd Series)
(Duplicate of 1-K.jpg)

Delete 5-2.jpg
From: Pictures\I\Image\V\Void Rivals
(Duplicate of 5-A-2.jpg)

Delete 24.jpg
From: Pictures\J\Jennings\Comic World, The

Delete or Move 5.jpg and 6.jpg
From: Pictures\C\Comic Times\Media Showcase
To: Pictures\C\Comic Times\Comic Times, Media Showcase, The

Delete or Rename/Move? 2-C.jpg, 2-D.jpg and 2-E.jpg
From: Pictures\Z\Zenescope\All Guts No Glory
To: ???
(These have '2022 Icons Variant Collectible Cover #x (1, 2, or 3) by Eric Basaldua on the cover. While I can find other other '2022 Icons Variant' issues in various Zenescope titles, they are numbered #6 or higher.
If you know where these go then rename/Move to the correct Title/Issue. I am just deleting them assuming they will show up in the correct locations.
PS 'Robyn Hood: Hellfire', 'Belle Annual' and 'Belle: Queen of Serpents' have similar covers but with different outfits and are probable locations.)

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