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Collection on screen

Jeff Chahal

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Maybe I'm being really dumb here, but I'm struggling to get my collection up on the screen. I can generate a report for printing, I can export it as a file. What I want though is to be able to see what I have on the screen.  A collection overview screen as such.

Is there away to reset all my data? I've added some items as I was getting used to the software that I'd like to remove in a hurry.


Thanks in advance.

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I am not sure you can do what you want but here is as close to what you want as I can think of.

Do a Find with Item Filed of Qty In Stock and Is Greater Than or Equal.

This will display a result set of all the comics you own (assuming you have set Qty In Stock to 1 or more).

NOTE: Depending on how many comics you have, you may need to use menu item Setup->ComicBase Preferences and set Rows to Display In Grid View to a larger number.

PS If you want a new 'clean' database, you can just create a new one.


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