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Jeff Chahal

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If you can do an Advanced Find, you can do this. It may take some playing with if you are not used to SQL. For example, with an Advanced Find type this into the Items Where box:

I.[Title] = 'Batman' and I.[ItemNumber] = 36

You might want to include I.[QtyInStock] >= 1 for just Issues you own.

I.[Title] LIKE '%Batman%' will find any Title that has Batman in it.

ItemNumber is composed of different parts, Type, Variation, Issue Number, and Printing. If you just want the Issue Number part

I.[IssueNum] = 36 will find Bk 36 , 36/A, 36-HC, 36-2, ect.

You can't Add with a Find, however. You can bring it up and change the Qty in Stock, though.

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