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Items in my collection that I did not add

Adam Castracane

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I went to pull a report of my collection recently (including missing titles) and there are 3 titles that I did not add to my collection in the report that show up as needs. I went to those titles in the database and they are not showing up as titles I want.


What's going on and how can I fix this?

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Can you be a little more specific on the steps you are using and what you are trying to do?

I assume you are running the Collection Report. What options are you selecting?

Not sure what you mean by "including missing titles".

Ant that, somehow, 3 titles (which ones?) that you don't expect are showing up.


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Sorry about the lack of detail. So when I run a Collection Report and select both titles I have and titles I want the 3 titles I have never marked come up. I have attached a picture of this report. I know I can just unselect the titles I want from the report but, I would love to know how to get rid of them at all.

Also, how do I had a title or issues to my list of things I want?


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Okay, we are getting somewhere.

When  you select the Collection overview, what do you have selected or checked?

Titles to Print:

Current title, Titles I own, or Selected Titles?

If you have Selected Titles does it have a (x chosen) and if so what is the value where the x is) i.e. 1 chosen, 4 chosen, etc.


My Guess is that you have the 4 titles Selected. If you click the choose... button again, you should be able to select the 1 Title and the others won't be selected. (or at least that is how it appears to work on my database).

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Under Titles To Print: Titles I Own

If I hit Selected Titles it asks me to choose and it list the 4 titles which includes the 3 series I did not add

So doing that does eliminate those 3 titles but the problem is how did they get there and how can I remove them? How do you add and then remove a series (not individual issues but a series) from my collection?



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Try Rebuild Lists with Series Information and List of Owned Series checked.

This may clean up some 'junk' (that is a technical term...) that is causing this.

If that doesn't work, you can try to create a new database and see if that has the same problem.

A more drastic step would be to delete the problem Titles (do this by deleting all issues). They should be put back in your database with the next update (or you can force an update by pressing and holding the Shift key when you select Internet->Check for Updates).



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