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Adding books/Graphic novels

Jeff Chahal

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I'm struggling to find anything more than the basic info on how to add a book to my database. I go through the Add new process, fill in the fields and hit save, but it's not there. Is there a manual available that has more information?

The book I'm trying to add is The Wicked + Divine Vol.7.


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The first thing I would try is a Rebuild lists  checking Series Information.

First you need to decide if it goes in Books, Comic Books, or Magazines (It is best if you switch View to the same as what you are adding but there is a drop-down box to select a different View).

Next, are you adding an Item to an existing Title or will the item be in a new title.

For a new Item in an existing Title, go to that Title.

in the middle of the screen on the right, there is a + and - button. Click on the + to add an Item.

This brings up the Item entry window (with the Number incremented). Change and/or fill in any information you want. then click Save.

For a New Title and Item,

At the Top Right of the window, the second drop-down box from the left (under the Menu Items) is a button with a white + in a black circle, click ad select New Comic Book (or Book or Magazine).

This opens a Title window where you enter the New Title (you can also use this to add an Item to an existing Title).  Enter the New Title name and click OK button.

This bring up the Title entry window. At a minimum, enter the Publisher and any other information you might know then click Save.

This brings up the Item entry window. Change/Add information then click save.


Either of these methods (there are other ways of doing this) should work and either show the new Item in the existing Title or the New Title with the New Item.

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