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Changing Artist/Writer/Inker, etc. Database Names

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Is there a way to make across the board changes to names in the database? For example, I have run across the following errors with regard to artists:

J. Scott Cambell (should be Campbell)

Jay Anaceleto (should be Anacleto)

Lucilo Parrillo (should be Lucio)

Gabriele Dell'Otto (should be Gabriel)

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There is no easy mass change that we can do (HC should be able to).

The only way to do this is to do a Find for the various misspellings and Change each one manually (then submitting the change.

Unfortunately, you would need to do multiple finds  (one for each misspelling) on the different columns (Artist, Inker, Colorist, Cover Artist, Cover Inks. Letterer, Editor).

The good news isthere are only a couple of each misspelling, usually  (at least when I have tried fixing some of these).

Just an FYI when I looked for J. Scott Campbell I found in Cover Artist

J. Scott Cambell

J. Scott Campbellel

J. Scott Campbelll

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When using Quick Change on Fields that contain multiple values is you have to list all the values.  For example if the Artist field has J. Scott Cambell, Jack Kirby. If you do a Quick Change to correct Cambell, and just typed J. Scott Campbell, the Artist would just contain J. Scott Campbell.  The Jack Kirby entry would be erased.   You could try to change it to J. Scott Campbell, Jack Kirby if you just had the one row. But if you have multiple rows, then they would all be set to the same value you entered (either just J. Scott Campbell or J. Scott C\ampbell, Jack Kirby.

For the most part, the names with typos only occur a just one or a few rows. The best, easiest way I have found is to just type in the correction manually and then submit the corrections.

PS when manually changing, I then to use Paste to insert the missing value as it would cause other names after it to be erased. Or I would copy the rest of the row, type the changes, then paste the info back. Or you could just copy the whole set of values to Notepad, make changes then paste it all back.

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