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Free Comic Book Day Issues

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I have tried to keep up with all of the FCBD issues, pulling together a set each year.  I always struggled to get them organized to suit me in ComicBase but with the CB2020, there is a great way to do it while leaving each of them in their respective titles.  In reality, it would have worked all along, but I can be kind of thick sometimes.  What I propose is entering the title where it belongs, Savage Dragon #148 comes to mind, so it would go in the Savage Dragon title but instead of using #148, the issue number would be FCBD 2009. A really tough one for me to find was Free Comic Book Day: Aliens/Predator #1, I renumbered it from #1 to FCBD #2009 and voila!  It's a quick and easy find. It would allow users to search for "FCBD 2009" and find all of the issues in one place.  I know it's a big project but I would be willing to do the legwork if this is an acceptable idea, as I have been entering my books in this way. 

I guess what I am ultimately saying is that this is a system that works well for me, but is it worth submitting? 

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