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Cannot add new Magazine Title

Edward G. Guetzow

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I am trying to enter a new Magazine title, "Monsterscene".  I am getting a page for entry which asks for the title.  When I enter it, the program auto fills the title with what is currently available (Aurora Monster Scenes) in the database.  This erases my entry and replaces it with the existing (incorrect) title.  If I try to change the title and enter information for it, the program gives an error and won't allow save it.


When I enter this as a new comic title, I can get the same process BUT it allows me to alter the "Aurora Monster Scene" title to the new "Monsterscene" title and save it as a new title without altering the Aurora title.  I then move that comic title to the magazine category.

Shouldn't the process work the same in each category (comic, magazine, book)?

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There is a little bit of a trick when the Title you are entering is so close it brings up an existing Title. This should work:

Start to add a New Magazine.

Type Title as Monsterscene then press the space bar once followed by the backspace (this de-selects the Aurora Monster Scenes title that was high-lighted).
Click OK

You should now have a Title entry window for Monsterscene.
Continue to fill in the information for the Title (at least Publisher) and continue to the Issue entry window.


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