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CB 20.0.3...where is Sidekick

Manuel J. Galceran

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A couple of things you can look at.

Is Sidekick running?

Right-click on the Task bar (or use CTRL+ALT+DEL) and select Task Manager
Click on the Startup tab.
See if Sidekick is listed and Status is Enabled.  If not, Right-Click on it and select Enable. This will start Sidekick the next time you start your computer.

If it IS Enabled, then you may just may need to display the icon in the Tray area.
Click on Start, then Settings.
Then select Personalization.
Then select Taskbar.
Part way down under Notification Area, click on the hyperlink 'Select which icons appear on the Taskbar'.
If Sidekick is in the list, select the button to turn it ON.

If Sidekick isn't running...
Click on Start.
Scroll down to ComicBase 2020... and expand it.
Right-click on ComicBase Sidekick and select More > Open File Location.
Right-click on ComicBase Sidekick shortcut and select Open File Location.
Double click on ComicBase Sidekick.

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