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Steven L. Dasinger

Cover Scan Maintenance 2020-08-06

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Delete or Move 1.jpg
From: Pictures\A\Amigo\Ezequiel Himes- Zombie Hunter
To: Pictures\A\Amigo\Ezequiel Hime, Zombie Hunter

Rename 1.jpg to HC 1.jpg
From: Pictures\V\Vanguard\Mythos- Fantasy Art Realms of Frank Brunner

Rename 1.jpg to HC 15.jpg
From: Pictures\I\Image\S\Studio Space
(NOTE: I think the HC and TPB versions have the same cover so this could be the TPB cover instead)

Rename 1.jpg to 1-A.jpg
From: Pictures\M\Marvel\E\Emma Frost

Delete 2.jpg
From: Pictures\S\Source Point\Skylin
(Not sure why the Item # was deleted. May be a prelim cover for unpublished item.)

Delete or Move 1.jpg
From: Pictures\S\Source Point\Sol Survivor
To: Pictures\C\Charon\Sol Survivor (Charon)

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