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Cover Scan Maintenance 2020-10-30

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Rename 1.jpg to TPB 1.jpg & 2.jpg to TPB 2.jpg
From: Pictures\K\Krause\Comics Buyer's Guide Presents

Delete or Move 1.jpg
From: Pictures\C\Continum\Mites
To: Pictures\C\Continum\Mighty Mites, The (Continum)

Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 12.jpg)
From: Pictures\K\Kodansha\Sailor Moon (2nd Series)
To: Pictures\K\Kodansha\Sailor Moon (Kodansha)

Rename 2.jpg to Bk 2.jpg, 3.jpg to Bk 3.jpg Then Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg, 4.jpg, and renamed Bk 2.jpg and Bk 3.jpg)
From: Pictures\M\Mixx\Sailor Moon
To: Pictures\M\Mixx\Sailor Moon Comic

Delete or Rename Dlx 1.jpg to 1.jpg then Move
From: Pictures\M\Marvel\F\Fantastic Four (Vol. 3)
To: Pictures\M\Marvel\F\Fantastic Four- Heroes Return-The Complete Collection

Delete SE 1-LE.jpg, SE 2-DLX.jpg, SE 2-LE.jpg, SE 3-LE.jpg, SE 4-LE.jpg, SE 5-LE.jpg and SE 6-LE.jpg
From: Pictures\E\Eaglemoss Publications Ltd\DC Comics- Graphic Novel Collection
(I believe these (and any other SE x-LE and SE x-DLX) will be moved to different series that have not yet be set up in CB.)

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