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SQL Querying

Jesse Dubin

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In order to get some more advanced info out of my database, I installed SQL so I can write my own queries.  However, I seem to be struggling to import or connect to the ComicBase DB.  Has anyone tried doing this before?  Does anyone have tips?


And if SQL isn't an option, does anyone have a recommendation for other tools to connect with?



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First, you can't connect to the ComicBase Database. It is locked.

Depending on the edition of ComicBase you have, you can export some of the data (Publisher isn't part of the Export process) to a CSV file that can be imported to another database.

You can get Publisher (and Title) with a Find using Title Field Publisher Is Greater Than <space> (just press the space bar once). Once you have that, you can Select ALL (CTRL+A), copy from CB then paste into another program (Notpad, Excel, etc.) to get a Tab-separated list that can be imported into your database, then joined to the Exported Issue information to get a more complete record.

If you have the Archive Edition, there is an Advanced Search that lest you do some SQL queries. It is not a full-blown SQL interface but you can do some things.

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