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Label Printer and Labels

Lyle Brown

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I just ordered a barcode scanner and I now need to buy a printer and labels.  For those of you that use labels, what brand/model number (printer) and size labels do you recommend/use. I searched the threads, but did not find my answer. I somehow have over 41,000 books on ComicBase, but if I can't locate them. I don't really have them.  So yes, I need to get busy!  Thanks for any information.

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I use a Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo with Dymo Address Labels. Now depending on your preferences such as placement of label, information contained on label, etc., you can use the larger shipping label with this printer. If you are going to include the cover picture on your identification labels, keep in mind most label printers are thermal and therefore print in black & white. If you want the miniature cover on your label to be in color, then you will need to use Avery or Avery compatible labels with your computers color printer. They do make color label printers but, they are expensive.

Pete had shared a great resource and a great tip on the live stream. He shared label city as a great place to get labels because they are always running promotions and rebates where if you buy a large enough order of labels they will provide you a printer for free via rebate. A tip Pete shared was he found when you have thousands of books and you need to find an issue quickly, placing the label at the top center of the comic book bag really speeds up the process as you are flipping through.

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Thanks for your detailed information.  I reached out to Pete and he informed me that he uses the Dymo LabelWriter with the Dymo Address Labels as you mentioned as well. I'm behind on the LiveStreams but hoping to catch up as they are very informative.  Will be checking out Label City and the Dymo LabelWriter, thanks again.

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First, I have not used any of these and don't print labels. So this is just information.

Looking at the Label Report in CB, it has 5 Avery labels listed to select from. They are, along with Number of Labels per sheet and size, are:

Label                        Labels/Sheet        Size
Avery 5160/5260    30                          1"         x  2 5/8"
Avery 5161/5261     20                          1"         x  4"
Avery 5162/5262    14                           1 1/3"  x  4"
Avery 5163/5263    10                          2"         x  4"
Avery 5164/5264     6                           3 1/3"  x  4"

I would think any of these would work. The info on the Avery website indicates 'optimized for laser printers' but I think they should work in a inkjet printer.

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