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As I've been going through and entering comics lately, I've been making a point of scanning and submitting the full layout of wraparound and gatefold covers so that they may be appreciated in all their glory rather than just seeing the one front cover panel as it appears when bagged and boarded. I'm wondering, is there similar value, and would the community like to see full "Flipbook" covers as well? I'm not referring to those where the back cover is just a pin-up, but those where there is a full separate cover with issue number and pricing that can be seen by "flipping" the book over. In some cases, these are for back-up stories, or in others (like the Archer and Armstrong / Eternal Warrior #8 below), each side of the flipbook is part of the regularly-numbered series, so that you would need two copies of the same book to complete runs of both titles.

Bottom line: would anyone like to see both sides of a flipbook displayed as the image for that issue (when full front/back cover scans are available), or would it just confuse things further? Or is this already being done, and I have simply overlooked it?



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Flipbooks with both sides of the cover are already allowed (and appreciated). The proper display is as it would look with the back/left side, upside down (as if you opened and spread the book out to see both sides). Example can be seen here:


However, I have seen flipbook covers in CB where the back cover was cut/flipped/stitched back with the front cover so both are 'right-side' up. Example can be seen here:


Someone at HC may comment on which is the 'correct' method (either one or both).


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