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Minor Upgrade to .1665 Issue

Joel Ekis

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If the install and update of the dB is going to complete even with these errors, what is the point of stopping the process and waiting for me to click 'ok'.  All that does is force me to sit in front of the PC and click my mouse.

Seems there could be a way to accept all the errors and let it run.

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The problem is that your database is locked--essentially meaning another program is using it (often something like OneDrive).

If this happens to you:


1. Check your File Sync software/OneDrive settings and make sure it's not attempting to back up the same folder that contains your active ComicBase database (see the last two livestreams for lots more on why this is essential). Or just disable OneDrive altogether.

2. If Sidekick is actively backing up or updating your database, just let it finish. (It won't attempt to start an operation like this if it sees ComicBase is open, but if you open ComicBase in the middle of it working on an update, you could get into a lock situation).

If your database is stuck in a locked state--e.g. if you force-quit the program while it was writing--Do a File > Save a Copy and make a separate database, then switch to using that copy instead.



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