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how to bulk insert new issues with blank dates?

Brian J. Stewart

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I can't figure out how to bulk insert new issues with blank dates?

I create a new title, from Spain in this example.   I then create issues 1-52, and set the cover date to blank because I have to pull them from indicia later.   CB2020 then creates issues 1-52, with #1 getting a blank date like I wanted, however the rest start their cover date as 1/1/1900 and increment one month forward.

I then try to bulk edit 2-52 to set them back to blank, except the wiz-bang interface won't let me because it has the very nice calendar widget but in this case blocks what I am trying to do.



Does anyone have a work around for either of these items?

1. how to enter new issues and get the dates to be blank like i want

2. how to fix multiple issues and set the date back to blank.


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