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  1. I saw a bagged issue at my store last week but did not pick it up. It looked exactly like this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/204153054927
  2. I should have been more specific. Since around 11/9 (Wed) my messages to support@comicbase.com are going out initially, but then I get that undeliverable alert from gmail the next day, it is not instant, at least 12+ hours after the send. I'll just keep firing out my usual feed of messages, but not sure anyone is getting anything especially since I have not had any replies since around the 9th either.
  3. I've been getting bounce backs for the last 2 days trying to send to support@comicbase.com -- anyone else? This is what my gmail web client message says: There was a temporary problem delivering your message to support@comicbase.com. Gmail will retry for 21 more hours. You'll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.
  4. Hmm, i just tried (DATE(I.DateModified) >= '2022-10-21' AND (I.QtyInStock > 0)) And this did show me issues that I own, that had been modified since Oct 21 unfortunately this field appears to be shared with the weekly content updates. I was hoping for a I.UserDateModified, so that I could specifically find issues I had altered myself.
  5. Is there a data column something like "last edited by user", something to indiciate that I have personally modified an issue's row of data? Use cases: 1. Build a list of titles/issues added into inventory for 2022. 2. When you notice your inventory count is off, because you have been adding new series and books into the system that were missing but forgot to set QTY 0 before you were done, and now can't figure out where those books are hiding in your collection. query possibly similar to: (I.LAST_USER_EDIT BETWEEN '2022-01-01' AND '2022-12-31')
  6. Is there a published changelog showing what was fixed/added during the interium build releases for CB23? I've reported bugs, etc and I usually review those on other products to see if something has been fixed, or a new function has been added.
  7. CB23 is much faster for me, however I do notice that my comiccon laptop which pointed to a network drive for all the cover picture/thumbnails is noticeably slower than my desktop rig. I blame that on network latency, but my laptop is still much faster on the new 64-bit than older versions. This tweak is based on your choice for personal security, but I did go into my antivirus (Windows Security/Defender) advanced settings and mark my PICTURES and THUMBNAILS folders as 100% excluded from anti-virus. I noticed a speed-up on my laptop a bit after this.
  8. Worked great Steven, I just added a ORDER BY I.Title ASC. Came back with less than 1000 books which kind of surprised me, but I think is accurate. I can then tweak this further later on to eliminate items marked for-sale already, or my items set with reserve quanity protection. ---BRIAN
  9. Thanks Steve. MinimumQty did work to find the "Reserve Quantity" field. I am using that to help find my dupes, that have not yet been broken out for-sale. #using this advanced query (I.[ForSale] IS False) AND (I.QtyInStock > 1) AND (I.[Marked] IS True) AND (I.MinimumQty < 1) I.QtyInStock DESC,I.Title ASC This gives me a rough-and-dirty list of duplicate issues I have not flagged for sale. I then duplicate the found item showing QTY 2+ Now I mark the new item with the exact QTY I want for sale, so that it is kept in a separate row in my database. then the original row gets updated to lower quantity (my keeper copies) and I also set the "Reserve Quantity" to the same value. My extra safe-guard to not sell these, when i run some safety queries later. I do realize I could just flag the whole issue as for-sale, and then use the reserve quantity for sale --- but I tend to err on the side of caution to ensure I don't sell books by mistake. And this query does not help when I have (6) copies of a single book in varying grades, a good place for me to start. I'll have to scour the forums for some adv.find examples to help me find those where ISSUE has QTY > 1 spanning multiple grades later. ---BRIAN
  10. I did some casual searching but could not find a list of all the fields used in the database. Has data dictionary been published somewhere listing all the item/title field names and date types? I got here trying to find the "Reserve Quantity" field. I made educated guess for I.ReserveQuantity and I.ReserveQty but the adv.find did like them.
  11. You can blame ASOMBRO on me, as I put in the request to fix the title name. I figured (errr assumed) the weekly updater would have some magic flag for renamed titles and auto-magically resolve. I guess not. Dear CB techies, can this be done? If a title gets renamed, or anything that impacts the folder path a flag be set so the updater can do that work and solve all these file dir naming issues?
  12. If this was implemented the interface would have to allow you to define your home language/country (English or just United States), that way the definition of foreign could be applied properly. Or maybe a checklist of languages you only want, or not want; whitelist vs. blacklist mentality.
  13. Fred, See my comments i the old forum at https://atomicavenue.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=9342&SearchTerms=highlight about using the Themes. I have color-blind issues, and changing the theme got my row highlighting to the way i view better.
  14. Peter / Mark / CB crew: Hopefully this is not an insane request, but can the edit issue dialog box be revised to allow you to update (save in place), and also provide Next + Previous issue navigation buttons as i have demonstrated in the picture below? When I get in mass edit mental mode, I am churning through data in bulk. Having to save and then select the next issue to edit really is much slower. I will admit this interface request is mimic'd from what I first saw within then ServiceNow ticketing system, which I use daily at work. I can update (save-in-place) an edit, then hit next record to get within the same workflow. I already make heavy usage of the Ctrl+G (quick change) feature, but that only helps when the data is the same. Whereas this update/next/previous modification would be for churning through data that varies, like cover dates, ISBNs, etc. when I have an entire box of comics in my lap and chugging through book after book consecutively. Thanks for listening.
  15. I can't figure out how to bulk insert new issues with blank dates? I create a new title, from Spain in this example. I then create issues 1-52, and set the cover date to blank because I have to pull them from indicia later. CB2020 then creates issues 1-52, with #1 getting a blank date like I wanted, however the rest start their cover date as 1/1/1900 and increment one month forward. I then try to bulk edit 2-52 to set them back to blank, except the wiz-bang interface won't let me because it has the very nice calendar widget but in this case blocks what I am trying to do. Does anyone have a work around for either of these items? 1. how to enter new issues and get the dates to be blank like i want 2. how to fix multiple issues and set the date back to blank.
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