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edit issue interface change request (update/next/previous)

Brian J. Stewart

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Peter / Mark / CB crew:

Hopefully this is not an insane request, but can the edit issue dialog box be revised to allow you to update (save in place), and also provide Next  + Previous issue navigation buttons as i have demonstrated in the picture below?


When I get in mass edit mental mode, I am churning through data in bulk.  Having to save and then select the next issue to edit really is much slower.   I will admit this interface request is mimic'd from what I first saw within then ServiceNow ticketing system, which I use daily at work.    I can update (save-in-place) an edit, then hit next record to get within the same workflow.

I already make heavy usage of the Ctrl+G (quick change) feature, but that only helps when the data is the same. Whereas this update/next/previous modification would be for churning through data that varies, like cover dates, ISBNs, etc.  when I have an entire box of comics in my lap and chugging through book after book consecutively.

Thanks for listening.

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