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Having cover price autopopulate to cost when scanning in issues

Sam Horton

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I've tried looking around the forums for this - but I can't find the answer or figure it out (I'm obviously new to the program).  When I use my barcode reader to add comics to my database I'd like the cover price to show as the cost by default.  How do I set that?  Additionally, is it possible to have that logic applied to the books I've already scanned in rather than having to go back and do it by hand?


Also, is there a way to view only my collection rather than all the titles I don't have any issues of?  Just a way to see and manipulate the data for the issues I currently own and have scanned into the database?



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For new items, use Menu item Setup->Preferences...
Near the bottom, change Standard Cost from Zero to Cover Price and Discount to 0%.
NOTE: You can, of course, use other settings but the above will set Cost to Cover Price.

For the following, make a copy or backup before proceeding, just in case 'something' goes horribly wrong...

This will change ALL Issues and not just the ones you own (although you can limit it to just Titles you own).
For existing items, I you can try Menu item Items->Mass Change.

Select Mass Change.
Set Change to COST
Set To to Field, Cover Price
Next to Apply To, click on the Selected Titles (this will bring up a Title Select window).
At the top, next to Show, click on Titles in Stock.
In the display, to to the top and click on (high-light) the first title.
Then go to the bottom. Press and Hold the SHIFT key the select the last title.
NOTE: This should select/high-light all Titles (that you own).
Click OK.
Next to Selected Titles should be a number for the amount of titles selected.
If everything looks okay (and you did make a copy/backup, right?) click Make Change.
You will be informed that this can not be undone (hence, the copy/backup...). click okay to implement.

Having Item's you don't own with a Cost shouldn't hurt anything.

Alternately, depending on the Edition of CB you have, you could try to Export the items you own, import to a spreadsheet, make the changes there, save the results, then Import back into CB.

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