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Starting to catalog and where to start

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I'm about to start cataloging a lifetime of comic book hoarding with some rediscover. I'm 53 years old and have been hoarding comics starting when my father was bring them home before I was born. Most of my obsession or my money investment took place in the 80's and early 90's. I haven't a solid count on the numbers but I guess there is about 4000 to 6000 comics. I'm going to start cataloging  using comicbase of course and would love any tips and where to start.

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I would suggest getting a barcode scanner (assuming you don't have one or that you can afford one). Barcodes started in the mid-70's. However, at the beginning, they used the same numbers over every year (i.e. the number used for Feb 1978 would be the same number used for Feb 1979). By the 80's, I believe, they were using the longer, more unique codes.
CB has a lot of these already in the system (but not all, by any means).
By using a barcode scanner, assuming the number is already in CB, with the 'Add by Barcode' menu item, it will find the issue being scanned, even if it is a non-intuitive location.

If you don't have/want a barcode scanner, you will need to find each issue and change the Qty (in Stock) from 0 to 1 (or more if you have duplicates).

If you know the Grade of the issue, you can change it on the 'Add by Barcode' window.
Or you after entering the issues, you could use the 'Grading Item' menu option to get a general idea of the grade.

If you have the Pro or Archive Edition, you can set up Custom Fields for thing like Location (box number).

If you can't find a particular Issue, post information (and a cover scan would be helpful) and someone may be able to help you find it.

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I would put your collection in some kind of order first.  It can alphabetical, divided by publisher, divided by character, whatever works for you.  Putting the books into CB won't be an overnight process and having some system in place will make it a lot easier to step away whether it is for a day or two or a few months and get right back into the groove when you return.  

Creating a space is a great thing to do if you can.  Setting up on the dining room table is fine until you have to clear it off for dinner.  If you can have some little corner to yourself, you can bring in a box at a time and get them entered.  Assuming you are using regular comic boxes, whether the long ones or short ones, find a divider of some kind.  I taped two backing boards together so they stood out above the books by a couple of inches.  Put that divider at the back of the box, behind all of the books, then as you enter books, move them behind the divider.  This keeps the books in a single box and in the order you started with while making it clear what has and has not been entered.  

Bar code scanner or no, if you're having trouble finding a book in CB, you can enter the UPC numbers by hand.  It may be slow but if it's only for the random difficult to find book, it works really well.  Given that your collecting took off in the 80s and 90s, it is possible that you will have some small press stuff that is either not in the system or is difficult to find.  That's a great time to post on the forums to ask where they might be.  

Don't get discouraged!  That's a lot of books to enter and will take time a regular life pushes comics out from time to time.  You will get it done!

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