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Scan to group? Grouping?

Kenneth R. Burch

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Not sure what you mean by scan books to a list, but there is a way to make a change to multiple items at one time.
That is with Quick Change (CTRL + G).

However, to be able to use Quick Change you need to be able to select multiple items.  You can do this this with a Find.

If you have a way to do a Find to select all the items, that would be the easiest but isn't always possible.
In those cases you can use the Marked column (you may have to use Setup->Columns to View to see it.

Once you have it displayed you can click on the box to Mark it. Continue by Marking all the items you have sent and you can then use Find where Mark is Checked to get the result.
After, that select all the found items and use Quick Change as needed.

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