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Collection Report Woes

Gerald Novak

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I'm just starting out and am getting just a tad frustrated. Perhaps its because I've been programming databases for 25+ years. 

So I've added 50+ comics via iphone (see errors experienced in my noobie questoin), and it was tripling. So I went back to backup, used it as a replacement and it seems to be fine. 

My collection overview report only shows 2 titles.  I have selected Titles I own , Items in my collection and nope, only 2. 

The collection parameters are enclosed

The collection report seems fine. 

my iphone current value and numbers are off by the 50+ I entered, even though they show up on the web and in the W10 app.

It has been 2 hours btw and they still are not updated on the iphone - yes, I updated sales/purchases and it says there are no new ones. 

what did I do wrong?

collection overview.JPG

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Fisrt let's tackle the Mobile app.

For the most part it is an end display and not an active database.
The basic steps are:
Create a Report (Collection Overview is a good one) and save it to the web (this is a storage are that Human-Computing (HC) allows us for this purpose).
Once their report process (called 'Jimmy') process your report (should only take a few minutes but has been know to take over an hour if a heavy workload or if problems), it should show up in the Mobile App and you can view the report.
Again, this is NOT an active database.
Now, as part of the Mobile App, you can Scan in comic purchases (or just what you haven't entered yet as you are doing) and, when you check for Sales/Purchases, those Scan Items are populated into the ComicBase (CB) database on your computer.

As you can see, this process is not a direct from IPhone to your Computer/Database. It has to go through the HC servers and if they are backed up or having problems you could experience long wait times.

NOTE: I don't use the feature to scan in items so this part is a guess. Once the scanned in comics have been processed from your Mobile App into your database, it probably can't 'repopulate the same scanned issues. If it did, you would get a lot of duplicates which would be a bad thing. Again, I am guessing at this part.

NOTE 2: You can also get tripped up by the Database ID. Each database that is created gets its own unique id.  The Backups should have the same Database ID and won't be a problem. But, if you create a New Database, and have a Report from an Old Database, the Database IDs won't match.

So I think your main problem is that you have already processed the 50+ issue you scanned in with your IPhone and they won't be 're-processed' into you backup database.

Just to make sure, when you say they are 'tripling' do you mean Qty is being set to 3?
If that is the only problem, I would go back to the original database, do a Find where Qty in Stock is >=2.
Then, on the result, select all (CTRL+A, Right-Click and select Quick Change from the pop-up menu.
Then Change Quantity In Stock to 1.

PS I was a DBA for about 30 years so I can understand some frustration with CB (wait until you get to Advanced Find as it is a very restrictive implementation for queries).


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i get that the iphone is not active and just "sending/recieving". It automatically sends but needs to have a report run on the W10 app in order to have it available for the mobile app to retrieve.

1) which report / menu item specifically needs to be run on the W10 app?

2) The Collection Overview, when printed contains only 2 comics. It has been a day. Why? what updates this?

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I think any report about your collection should work (i.e. Collection Overview, Collection Report, Item CheckLists, Wanted Items).

NOTE: If you have Books and/or Magazines, you would need to run reports on those also.

I believe a way to facilitate the process of getting the report to the HC servers, you can use File-> Collection Statistics (or F12).

If I followed all that you have done, you scanned 50+ comics to your IPhone, processed them with Check Sales and Purchases, then changed to a Backup database.

Since you already processed the 50+ comics to the original database, they shouldn't be able to be processed again to the backup database (at a guess).


If it was me, I would just enter the comics manually.

Either go to the Title (either with CTRL+T or clicking the icon between the two arrows in the upper right corner) and change Qty to 1 (or whatever) for the items you have. You can select several rows at one time, either by pressing and holding the Shift key or CTRL key, right-click and use Quick Change to change the selected rows Qty to 1.

Or you can type in the barcode in the Find box in the top center of the screen to get to the Title/Item # directly.

Or (and this works better if you had a scanner) use Edit->Add by Barcode, and either type in the barcode or click the Lookup... button to find the Title/Item #.

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So, you are saying, on you computer, one Report sohws them but one doesn't?

Have you gone to the actual Titles and seen if they are entered correctly there? (should have Qty of 1)?

If all the items are actually in the database, then the problem could just be with the report.

If the items are not in the database, then that is a different problem.

Assuming the items are actually in the database, you can try running File->File Tools Rebuilds lists (you might as well select all but the Pictures File List).

After that run Optimize Database (same location).

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Figured it out with the help of Tech support. There was a null in there somewhere screwing things up. In addition to rebuild item info, we did series and list of owned series. 

Worked like a champ after that. 


Thanks for all your help as well. Much appreciated. 


Edited by Gerald Novak
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