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  1. I'm using the Archive Edition (v3297). This issue started on Tuesday, 7/14/20, never an occurrence prior to that. I've been using the Archive Edition since it was first released.
  2. Continuing from the previous post - I submitted for review a cover scan of my copy, no prompt to ask if I wanted to send the cover. Then, I replaced it with a big-ass version of the same scan. This version did prompt the dialog box telling me that I have a cover scan bigger than what CB has, and would I like to upload it now - which I did. It appears that I'm getting the "no cover available" when there is, in fact, a cover available, and presumably I'm not being asked if I want to upload a cover I created because the covers I create are smaller than what CB already has. I understand the software not wanting a cover that is smaller than what CB already has, but none of this explains why I get the "no cover available" message when I attempt to download a cover. I'll add here that I'm only trying to download a cover that I don't already have in my picture folder. r/ Mike
  3. The situation continues, so today I went to the AA listings to check for cover status. I don't have a cover scan of Popular Comics #103 (Sep 1944) in my picture folder, so I attempted to download it from the CB database. The dialog box opened with the "no cover available" message. However, when I went to this issue on AA, the listing includes a cover scan. I thought CB and AA shared a common repository for covers, i.e., if a cover is available to show in AA, then that cover is available to download for a user's personal database. Is this not the case? r/ Mike
  4. These issues have started shipping and are in stores (Diamond is shipping them incrementally, several titles per week). Are any of them in the database yet? I've searched a variety of ways but come up empty every time. r/ Mike
  5. I've been adding Golden Age issues to my collection through the day, all 1940s and 1950s issues. Several of them showed no cover in my database, and when I tried to download one, I received the "we don't have one" popup window. So, I scanned my own copy, added it, and then submitted it for review. Every time, I received the "thanks for your submittal" popup window, but never once got the dialog box asking if I want to upload my cover - which is unusual, since from your end I was told you didn't have that cover. Any thoughts on why this is happening? And, should I submit the covers some other way? r/ Mike
  6. Thanks, Mark - those conditions make sense. I infer from your response that there's no exchange occurring between my machine and your servers when exiting. I posted this topic/question because nothing has changed with my machine and the programs that are typically open when I'm working in my db, but the delay in exiting is a recent change that now occurs every time I close the program.
  7. For the past couple of weeks, when I close the application and the "updating totals" window displays, the activity bar doesn't show any activity and the program freezes for 3-4 minutes minimum. It eventually closes and saves the file. I'm wondering if the problem is an issue with my machine or if updating the totals involves some interface with the CB server, and then if the problem is at my end or the CB end. Any thoughts? r/ Mike
  8. I just picked up an issue and counted pages. Issue #8 had five pages of comics stories: one page of Tarzan, three pages of Star Wars, and one page of two comic strips sharing the page. The issue has 48 pages, so approximately 5% comics pages.
  9. I was about to update my database with some copies of Pizzazz, but stopped when I found it listed with Comic Books. Should this be listed with Magazines? r/ Mike
  10. My experience was as Tim described, and adding the missing grades (created by me) to the list also revealed my missing books. r/ Mike
  11. The facsimile reprint of the first edition has been released. I want to put my copy in my database. I suppose this would be a third printing, so would be TPB 1-3, yes? r/ Mike
  12. The database has only a copy of the concept art for this issue. I uploaded(?) a copy of the published cover, but couldn't get confirmation of receipt, so here's a copy of the cover. r/ Mike
  13. The current scan you have appeared to be only a concept piece, so I uploaded the published cover, but since I couldn't get confirmation of receipt, I've attached it here. r/ Mike
  14. If memory serves, CGC authenticates autographs (or notes they are not authenticated) on issues and notes them on the label when the book is slabbed.
  15. Issue 36 had another issue's cover associated with it. I tried to upload the correct cover, but it didn't appear to go - I'm guessing because the db already has a cover of sufficient size assigned. Here's a copy of the cover for #36.
  16. I have a variety of Gold Key issues to add to my database and am seeing that some of the titles have Gold Key as the publisher, and others have K.K. Publications, Inc. as the publisher, as well as others that have only K.K. as the publisher. I'd like to correct my database to the accurate publishing source, but I'm inclined to go with Gold Key instead of K.K. Publications, Inc.. Which one does CB consider to be the accurate reference? I know the indicia isn't always followed, which is why I'm asking. As for only K.K., that seems to be an easy decision; if it's not going to be Gold Key, it should at least be the full name of the publisher, i.e., K.K. Publications, Inc. r/ Mike
  17. I have a copy of Masked Raider #4 (Charlton) to put in my database, but not sure how to enter it. It's a giveaway variant from Schiff's Shoes back in the late 1950s. This was a brief occurrence with a number of shoe stores at the time, including Big Shoe Stores, GallenKamp's, and R&S Shoes. Any advice on how to enter it in the database? r/ Mike
  18. Like many others, I also didn't like the new requirement to click the far-left cell to select a whole line, but I have to admit that I'm getting used to selecting a specific cell in a row when it's the only cell I want to change, and I now like being able to do that. Opening a row still hangs up the program for 30-40 seconds for me (been that way since I started using 2020), so I find opening a single cell is prefereable a lot of the time. r/ Mike
  19. That's a good start, thanks. Does "Bk" apply to trade paperbacks or squarebound special issues? I know Anl is used for Annuals, not sure about the other types of comic book products available, and there are a couple of dozen types of publications in the drop down menu for binding type.
  20. Is there some guidance online to instruct one on how to properly name an issue so that it links properly with the issue in the database? I've added a couple of new items recently - not regular issues that would be numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. I've looked around a bit but can't find anything on the site. I usually end up searching the database for a similar issue (e.g., a "trade paperback collector's special edition" to use an exaggerated example), but this is painfully slow and often unsuccessful, so I end up repeatedly renaming the file until it shows up in the proper row. Knowing when to use a slash, a dash, a space, and the correct combination of letters and numbers would be helpful. r/ Mike
  21. I encountered this error message and clicked "yes" to fix it. The software then updated every list and removed every date entry from my database - every date entry. It also removed every bit of data contained in one of the custom fields I use. The latter wasn't a date, but text identifying the location of the issue in my collection (Box001, Box002, Box003, etc.) I couldn't find any way to undo the changes, so resorted to deleting the database and opening the last backup version I had prior to receiving the error message. Had to reenter all the data I had put in over 48 hours or so, which was frustrating. The error hasn't reappeared since.
  22. Uploaded the title, issue and cover image today - thanks again for the help.
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