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  1. Hi Team I use both 2017 & 2021 versions and have an active subscription to the latest version. I noticed that the older version keeps not responding when doing searches, compacting etc. Pete mentioned some features being turned off but does that mean its now obsolete?
  2. Can you keep using the old format in v2017? Was it because the code was updated?
  3. Duplicate Titles to be deleted - same as (Aus. Edition) Batman (Federal) Batman (Murray) Kobra (Federal) Superman (Murray) Issues that don't exist/duplicated and should be deleted Avengers (Aus. Edition) 1 (same as Avengers (Federal)) 1 Batman and the Outsiders (Aus. Edition) 1,2,3,4,5,6
  4. I noticed when you do a quick report that there is no space after price column and before notes column. So the price info runs into the note info. Not a big problem - just needs a space added.
  5. Does the new install take a really really long time to install? I get half way then nothing happens...
  6. Me too - Im in Australia so I guess that makes sense
  7. Thanks Steven. The problem is I didn't do an update - the data was "Fixed" automatically without me telling it to.
  8. After many hours cleaning up all the errors in Publishers for my database - something has changed them all back. For example Federal should be Federal Publishing. I assume an update came through and reverted it back to what it was before. Very frustrating!!!! Is there a way to stop this from happening? Title Lock perhaps.
  9. Thanks Pete When I tested it - I think the answer is to set the value I need to update the 2020 value history field with the actual value and it calculates the price for the lower conditions based on that. Then my selling price is whatever I want it to be. Im going to do my own research for UK,Can and Aus and update accordingly. Cheers CG
  10. Is there a way to update the value (not selling) column for a particular issue either by import or other means? Australia, Canada & the UK all have price variants for both Marvel & DC from the 60s-90's at cover price. Not to mention 2000AD, Star Wars Weekly etc. Approx 150,000 comics which will never show up on Heritage or Atomic Avenue which means decent sized overseas collections undervalued by at least $10,000 or more. Any help would be appreciated
  11. There's enough new issues and pictures now in Comic Base It might be nice for the next release to fix all the obvious/glaring mistakes in the data such as writer =. ,Artist is 56, barcodes in the wrong field, Wrong cover dates (when you add issues it calculates the date by adding a month), mis-spelling of names (big no no), missing cover prices when we have a picture etc. It's probably a days work for the obvious ones (I'd even volunteer) and would make the database so much more easier and save time. Just a thought
  12. Thanks Steven I already did this and it still brings up the same search list. Its like it remembers there used to be something, tries to find it and doesn't succeed. I tried closing and re-opening and it didn't refresh the list. Has anybody else tried to clean the drop down list so that only legitament writers or Artists show up?
  13. Hi I've noticed that there is wrong data at times in the cover date, Artist & Writer. When I delete the wrong data, it still tries to search for the data because the search list still includes it. eg do a item search for artist and the first option is . The artist list is massive so how do I refresh the list so that it doesn't show these errors and not find them either. Do I need to submit each mistake, wait for it to be accepted and hope the search list no longer includes it Hope that makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. How is the publisher assigned to a new title if there is multiple? Is it the first one? For example Phantom is in the database as Charlton but started as Gold Key but then became King then Charlton. A search for Gold Key wouldn't bring up this title even though it is a classic Gold Key Silver Age title. Overstreet would also be another example.
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