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  1. Reactor Girl Vol. 2 is actually Vol. 1, and Reactor Girl Vol. 2 is listed as Reactor Girl. There was one issue of Vol. 1 in 1991 and then 6 issues of Vol. 2 starting in 1992. The titles should be swapped in Comicbase if possible. Indicias and dates in books and Comicbase confirm this.
  2. The title Jinx needs some help in Comicbase. I applaud the effort to attempt putting them all in one listing with a sort of Bendis-approved legacy numbering system of sorts, but it seems to have failed. As far as I know, there were 7 issues from Caliber and then 2 specials. Then five issues of Vol 2 from Image and two specials (three if you count the Hoo-Hah special which has its own listing in Comicbase. Then, the six issue series Jinx: Torso. The Comicbase listings fall apart after the fifth issue of volume two. It appears that there are two issues of Torso, followed by something called Fire which was (also?) a two issue Bendis title from Caliber (as was AKA Goldfish for that matter.) Then there are the two specials and then two more issues of Torso? I think? There are no pictures and descriptions are iffy. Regardless, there are one or two issues of Torso unaccounted for by any reckoning. To make matters more confusing, the indicia for Torso is Jinx Series 21, which doesn't correspond to the Comicbase numbering at all. And issue 6 is Jinx Series 27. I didn't even bother to look at 2-5 to find out where one of the specials seems to fit in. More work could be done to fix this, aligning it with an official, complete list, and then including pictures and the actual titles and numbering in the notes, but it seems like the best avenue is to just break everything into separate listings, but that comes with its own problems. Too bad Comicbase hasn't done this sort of numbering system on Hellboy or some of the other Dark Horse series of minis with printed legacy numbering first. Would have been much easier than this cluster.
  3. The title Java Town from Slave Labor Graphics had a previous volume that was free. I have the second issue only, which was published in 1992. It was most likely the final issue of the first volume, as the cover date of Volume 2 #1 is May 1992. The first volume had a slightly shorter page count and newsprint covers. The title known as Java Town in Comicbase should probably be changed to Java Town (2nd Series). I could then add at least the second issue of Volume 1. Another option would be to add it as MC2 under the existing listing, but that is more of a dirty end-around and not technically correct. This brings a separate question to mind. When adding an issue or issues of a book, if there is a missing but clearly extant issue that I don't have, such as Java Town Vol. 1 #1, should I add a blank listing or leave it empty?
  4. This is all correct. Can we get this to happen?
  5. The book Industriacide has the trade paperback collection listed as the first issue. If that can be changed to BK 1 I can upload the correct info and cover scan. Additionally, the publisher should be changed to Broken Tree Publications and the notes for the TP changed to reflect that it was published by Rorshach. Two of the proposed six issues were published by Broken Tree and then a TP was released of the complete series from Rorshach.
  6. The comic High Caliber, published by Caliber has a 9.95 TP listed as #1. The item type for that listing should be changed to BK 1 so I can add the actual 1, which was $3.95 and published in 1997. I'm not sure what that 9.95 TP actually is, to be honest. As far as I know, there was not a trade paperback collection of the 4-issue anthology series. Possibly it was an OGN of some sort that came out three years prior to issue #1 with the same title? That would explain the 1994 year given in Comicbase. If anyone knows, let me know. Either way, I can provide the scans and info for the real #1 if I can get a slot to fit it in. Thanks.
  7. By the way, the Ghost Rider Toy Biz mini is listed as Ghost Rider Special Edition #6 in the indicia. I forgot to mention that in my first post. That info should be added to the notes.
  8. Here is the indicia scan. There is really no doubt in my mind that the M logo GI Joe #3 is a second print, for the reason of the M logo Alan DeCamp mentions, and the ones I mentioned earlier. It has never been recognized as such anywhere I have seen to date, but it has been tagged as a second print in my collections for many years. At the risk of opening a Pandora's box, the first post in this attached thread should probably be the last word on Whitman variants, and has a wealth of information regarding the exact identification of early Marvel direct market editions and the so-called Whitmans. https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/463770-can-we-all-agree-that-marvel-whitmans-are-not-a-thing/ Personally, I still wonder if some of the pre-1979 Whitmans (the ones with the large diamond as opposed to the later, direct-market diamond) might just actually have been specifically produced for the three-packs, but evidence seems to show that they were simply the early direct market versions, and that they were also the ones used to fill the Whitman three-packs. Either way, the first wave of direct market versions are certainly relatively scarce. Which leads up to: I have an Incredible Hulk #213 that is a Whitman, or direct market version. Can we add it as its own book? In my world, I only differentiate between direct market versions and newsstand for these early books through 2/80 (up until the appearance of Spidey in the UPC box.) I included a cover scan. GI Joe #3 M Logo variant indicia.pdf Incredible Hulk #213 Whitman Edition.pdf
  9. Here is a 150dpi scan of the cover requested, plus the other two that don't appear to be in the system. A little deeper look seems to have answered some questions about the Francis comic. It appears to be a second printing. The indicia is the same on the two books, with the exception that the date of 1980 as it appears after the issue number has been removed, leaving an empty space, on the one with the $1 cover. Both mention the cover price is the same in the US and Canada, and both mention that Paulist Press has exclusive rights to religious market distribution. It appears that there was only one version, and that they then did a second printing post-1980 and raised the cover price a quarter. GI Joe #3 M Logo Variant.pdf Francis Brother of the Universe #1 Second Printing.pdf Ghost Rider Special Edition #6 Toy Biz Giveaway.pdf
  10. I have come across four books that should be added to the database. First off, I would like to know what is the optimal way to go about it. It seems that if I put a post here, it allows the community to find the item if it is indeed hidden somewhere with a non-intuitive title or something. That said, I am pretty sure these are simply not in the system. I can of course provide any info for database population if needed as I have the books on my desk. Francis, Brother of the Universe #1 Direct Market $1.00 Variant -at least that is what I call it. It may in fact be a second printing with no indication, but I also have the more common 75 cent cover issue (which is in Comicbase) and the only difference seems to be that the $1.00 cover price version has no UPC box at all, not even a Spidey head. It simply has the full artwork without the UPC box in the bottom right corner. Both versions are wraparound covers. Los 4 Fantasticos: !Isla de la Muerte! Edicion Boricua en Espanol #1 -This is a variant, of sorts, of Fantastic Four: !Isla de la Muerte! #1. It is the same book, but in Spanish. It was published by Marvel US and solicited along with the English Language version, which is in the system. Obviously, the first exclamation point should be upside-down and there are two missing accents in my transcription. It should probably be listed as its own book, as it is listed in the indicia with the Spanish title only, and is actually materially different (well, in a different language at least.) Ghost Rider (Toy Biz Giveaway) -Number 10 is the only one in the system. Personally, I only have number 6. There were at least ten of these minicomics, packaged with the Toy Biz Ghost Rider figures in the 90's. Each one continues into the next. GI Joe: A Real American Hero #3 M Logo Variant I have never seen this variant properly distinguished anywhere. Yojoe.com has it listed as the M Logo Variant. I have always assumed it was a second printing (which would make what is currently called the second printing actually be the third printing.) There are a couple of clues to back this up. It is called the M logo variant, because the issue number and price (60 cents) are contained in the letter M, as opposed to the two boxes found on the regular newsstand edition or the diamond of the standard direct market version. It also has a Spidey head in the UPC box, which tells us it is a direct market book. The book which is currently listed in Comicbase as a second printing has a 75 cent cover price, and certainly came out later, assuming such a version actually exists (memory tells me it does, but I couldn't find proof, and the fact that Yojoe only has scans of the three 60 cent versions I am discussing made me wonder.) Anyway, what we are calling the M logo variant must be a second print, because although there is no other indication that it is not a first printing, the Bullpen Bulletins is from 8 months later, soliciting #11 of the same title. So there you go. I will have other additions and submissions as I input along, but this is a first batch. Let me know the best way to go about these things in future. Thanks.
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