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  1. 3 hours ago, Lance Fittro said:

    Any interest in notes being added for comics seen in movies or television shows? Not films based on comics, but instances where a character is clutching a Superman comic, or there is a shot of a newsstand with comics on display?

    I was watching Black Mirror today, and in S06E05 "Demon 79" spotted a copy of Power Man and Iron Fist #54 peeking out from under a bookshelf at 41:55, which sent me down a rabbit hole. Probably not a collecting niche I will ever pursue, but could be a fun game to play during a livestream. Are there notes like this already in the database that I've overlooked?

    I already see "LOC" comments from comic book celebrities under the "Notes" column of ComicBase, so I agree it would be fun to add such notes to comic book issues that have made appearances in movies and TV series. That being said, perhaps we would have to come up with an acronym such as "LOC" to keep it conistent and easy to find such notes in ComicBase. 

  2. Hello Everyone,

    @Peter R. Bickford Just finished watching the recorded livestream above. Perhaps I missed something in the video, but can we not use the UPC to determine which is the regular cover and its variants? Since the second last digit of the UPC code is reserved for the cover, I have always found that if the 2nd last digit is "1", then that is the regular cover. As a result, can we then not assign cover B if the 2nd last digit is "2" and so on? That being said, it will get confusing once we get beyond the second last digit being "9", but the majority of comics normally don't have that many variants.

  3. Suggestiuon: A "ComicBase TV: Video Guides and Tips" YouTube video (or future livestream episode), shwoing each step involved in merging separate databases together. Especially how to go back to the original databases in case we do not like the outcome of the merger and would prefer to go back to how it was in the beginning.


    Edison (erb1211)

  4. 4 hours ago, Timothy S. Kilbreath said:

    There was a little discussion in the chat bar last week about storage for comic books.  I would like to see Pete address that topic, say what he uses, and maybe what some of the other ComicBase people use.


    Agreed. Storage options would be a good topic. If I recall correctly, Pete mentioned filing cabinets for storing comics. If you use Facebook, there is a group I follow that deals specifically with comic collectors who use filing cabinets to store their collections. The Facebook page/group goes by the name of "Comic File Cabinets" https://www.facebook.com/groups/555329177952584/

  5. Hi @Peter R. Bickford, @Mark J. Castaneda, @Gregory Hecht

    I have a suggestion for the next Comicbase Livestream. Can you show us step by step on how to create a new title for Comicbase as I have yet to create a new title and never felt confident on how to go about doing so. For example, I just received my copy of "The Expendables Go To Hell" by Sylvester Stallone and Chuck Dixon from Indiegogo in the mail which currently cannot be  found in Comicbase. Here's a link to the campaign which contains all the pertinent information: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-expendables-go-to-hell-graphic-novel/x/23345703#/. The UPC on the Renzo Variant book I received is 9780578419411 and I have attached a cover photo as well. Of course, if you prefer, please choose a comic that may be a better example. 


    Edison Brito



  6. Hello Pete,

    Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to post your weekly Comicbase Livestream show on Youtube. I look forward to watching it every Wednesday.

    As mentioned in your recent livestream video, I have a suggestion for your show that I wanted to share:

    My brother and I follow several comic book collectors on Youtube who share their comic book collections with their viewers. We find these videos quite entertaining, especially from collectors that have been collecting for a many years and who show off some of their recent hauls as well as some of their older hard to find books. Since you mentioned you have a large collection and that you have been collecting for many years, would you consider dedicating some time during your weekly livestream show to show off some of your favorite books? I think this would increase your viewership by bringing in viewers from outside of the ComicBase community. In addition, these new viewers may end up subscribing to your Youtube channel and more importantly, may end up becoming new customer's as well. 


    Edison Brito

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