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  1. I've noticed that if I close ComicBase when I'm on a title that has a large number of issues (Comic Shop News is a good example) then it takes forever to load the next time I start it up. If I close it while it's open on a title with very few issues there is no delay in loading.
  2. Just thought I'd bump this to see if any decision had been made on how to handle these titles. Thanks!
  3. No to be a nag or anything, but has there been any consideration given to my suggestion?
  4. I don' think this will fix the problem, but what happens when you select a different printer from the dropdown list at the top right? I'm just wondering if setting it to print to PDF might help.
  5. I'm afraid that explanation doesn't really line up with what I have experienced. I already had the larger images of Comic Shop News in my personal database so I wouldn't have needed to download them. I've also been adding and submitting larger scans of CSN since last June and it's only in the last couple of weeks that they have all been replaced with smaller versions. I can also tell that the smaller versions of the cover images now displaying in CB are scans of the images I submitted. Everything lines up with the original scans I still have on my hard drive, right down to the scuffs and creases, and the adjustments I made to the levels. There is also the fact that most of the covers I submitted were scans of the full gatefold cover. The whole reason I started scanning them in the first place was because most of the older images only included one side of the cover and were very small. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't really a huge deal to me since I can always add the larger scans again if I want to since I still have the original files. I'm just trying to understand why this has happened and prevent it from happening again moving forward. Thanks!
  6. I do have "replace smaller existing covers" checked, but I haven't manually download any covers. For example, When I clicked on the cover to Radiant Black 10\D which I had recently scanned and added, it was much smaller than the scan I submitted. I then decided to check Comic Shop News since I've been scanning and uploading a lot of the gatefold covers and they are all the smaller version now too.
  7. While updating my collection this evening I noticed that quite a few of the larger cover images which I had previously scanned and submitted to Comic Base have been replaced by smaller versions. I have the the 2022 Archive edition so I know I don't get the 4K images when I download covers, but I don't think that larger scans I have added myself should be replaced. Any idea why this is happening? I just updated to build 1425 if that helps at all.
  8. There doesn't seem to be a consistent method for recording these comic reprints. Some are listed under their original title as an additional printing (Invincible 1-2 and 1-3 for example), but a handful of others are listed based on their indicia. Should they all be listed under the original title despite what the indicia says?
  9. Just thought I'd resurrect this thread to see if what I asked is feasible. A lot more content is being moved from Comic Books to Magazines and as a result they can no longer be looked up with the app. Thanks!
  10. Just thought I'd mention that "X-Men: Survival Guide to the Mansion Spiral" is still showing up as an unrecognized Book in my database.
  11. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. It's been a busy few days on my end. However, I am happy to report that the issue seems to have resolved itself. I just tried submitting a price check request and it went through without a hitch.
  12. This is what I am trying to submit: I've tried with and without and without a dollar symbol and still no luck.
  13. I upgraded to ComicBase 2022 Archive Edition and just tried to submit a request for a price check but it keeps failing with the following error: I had just completed a content update prior to this so it's not a connectivity or login issue. I also double checked my firewall settings and ComicBase was there but Sidekick wasn't, so I added Sidekick to the list and relaunched ComicBase, but still no joy with submitting a request for a price check. Any ideas what might be causing this? I am running Windows 11 Home edition.
  14. Do you have any images at all? I have a few but a lot of the variants don't seem to have any cover images available for download.
  15. I had to drop off a few minutes before the Livestream ended last night but I went back to see what I had missed later in the evening. I just thought I'd mention that the entire video was still available and nothing had been cut. I'm not sure when you plan on making the cuts but I thought I would flag it for you. Although I must admit I'm glad that nothing has been cut yet otherwise I would have missed the final announcement!
  16. Thanks. I noticed Superman (2nd Series) needs to have the "Years Published" updated as it is currently listed as 1987-Present, but it ended in 2011. If I update this field and then just submit a random issue for correction, will the information be sent to you? I suppose I could also submit a larger cover scan to really make it worth your while. 😉
  17. I'm just wondering how to submit a correction to a title rather than an individual issue. Things like the Description, Years Published, etc. Will changes to this information be sent if you submit a correction to an individual issue? If so, do any changes actually need to be made to the issue for the submission to go through? Thanks!
  18. Looks like it was a problem with fat fingers on my end. I must have accidentally hit the F Mode button and disabled the Function keys. Everything's working now.
  19. I forgot to mention that I am also running the latest interim build of the Archive Edition (v21.0.4.1907) on an up-to-date Windows 10 system.
  20. Maybe it's just a problem on my end, but the the Function Keys seem to have stopped working. I always used F6 to print ID labels but it doesn't seem to be working for me now. I've tried a few others like F3, F8, and F12 and none of them are working for me. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  21. Can someone tell me why Flash: Rebirth has (2nd series) appended to it? There's nothing in the indicia to indicate that it's a second volume and the only other title with a similar name that I could find was "Dollar Comics: Flash: Rebirth". Surely the two titles are different enough that it doesn't need (2nd series) after it? Thanks!
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