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  1. While I don't agree with it in this case, I understand the logic behind the decision. I'm looking in my "TPB-HC" database (I've separated my collection for now into five databases), and it seems there's dual entries for some, such as the Batman: Cover to Cover book. Do I have a "comic book" entry because I had entered it previously (or perhaps manually entered a new item - I don't remember.)? I'm pretty sure I had Who's Who in my comic inventory, and the qty changed from 1 to zero after the long update. Other questions on "how to", I'll shift to the technical forum for those when I'm ready. Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. Just updated to 2022 after a year's break. I'm curious about this subject as well (regarding how ComicBase handles them.) I had a couple of titles that apparently changed from "Comic Book" to "Magazine" and my previous inventory appears to have been deleted in the change. One specific group of titles is the DC Who's Who from the '80s (Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe) and related titles (Star Trek and Legion.) The ones from 1984-1988 were comic books, while the 1992 and 1993 updates were "loose-Leaf Format". I understand the later ones being differentiated from comics, but not the original series. (The same thing happened to the Marvel Handbook versions.) It doesn't look like a lot Likewise, books vs. comics. The Who's Who omnibus is listed as a book, while it reprints comics (at least I'll call them comics.) But the Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, which collects comic strips, is a comic book. I understand if the first matched the conversion from comic to magazine. Are all comic strip collections comic books? (Such as the Complete Calvin and Hobbes?) Just trying to understand as I check/re-enter my collection. I'm sure I'll have more questions/inquiries as I have more time to spend on this now. (The benefits to me, and the detriments to you, of my retirement! 🙂 ) (Sorry, rambling a bit. From what I can tell, the overall inventory is greatly enhanced and will allow me to enter a lot more. Not sure why there's 5000 entries for the New York Times, though.)
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