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  1. Can you tell me where the picture files are located to redownload?
  2. How do I find issues that have a media file attached with it?
  3. There's a wide variety of labels that can be used in label printers. I use mine to print divider labels and identification labels. The address label format is slightly too big for dividers, I've got slightly smaller labels that I want to use, but can't. Specifically these https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003U6MHHK?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details The problem is the smaller sections is on the "wrong side" so that the divider name is over the cutover and is too big for the label itself in length.
  4. Is there a way to change an existing format for the labels, or to create a new one? It only ever offers the two Dymo label options of Address and Shipping.
  5. I installed them initially.
  6. Won't this overwrite my existing covers?
  7. It's Archive, but I guess I'm not understanding. Where is this Quick Start? I'm not seeing it anywhere.
  8. I ran Rebuild for Pictures, I don' know what the Quick Start is. I've had the program installed forever.
  9. Okay, I tried both Height and Width, and tried NULL and 0, and neither worked right. It returned Marvel comics but they all had covers already. I already tried the Rebuild Lists first.
  10. I'd also like to be able to search for images that are below a certain size too.
  11. Anyone help me with advanced search? I'm wanting one that shows all comics from Marvel that do not have a cover.
  12. I managed to get it to print a different identification label, but not a third one. The only thing I can think of is something about the format size isn't quite right with the Dymo Label layout. Same thing with price labels, it would print one, went back to the first one and it will not print that one.
  13. I tried to print a price label just now and IT printed just fine. It is just the identification label that it's not printing. There is no error message or anything, just literally nothing happens.
  14. I did all that, and it doesn't work. I was able to print a divider label just fine, it just does not work with identification labels.
  15. I bought a color label printer so I could print color identification labels. I've got a Brother VC-500W that works find, I've printed a few different labels from other programs, but I can't get it to print from Comicbase. On the print screen, the printer shows up, but the label options only show Avery full label page options, Dymo Label and Dymo Shipping. How do I get it to print Identification Labels? It is NOT the printer, again, it works perfectly fine with other programs, and the printer itself is showing up in the printer options in Comicbase, just the label options are not changing. When I tried to just select the the Dymo Shipping, it told me that the text was too big for the label, and when I select the Dymo Label, nothing happens.
  16. It finally worked, thanks!
  17. The Mobile App only seems to see a database named ComicBase Database (CB11), but when I save reports to the web from ComicBase, it goes to a different database. How do I fix this?
  18. Used to, when I would do a search, for example Books Released This Week, it would come up with a list of all the books that came out this week, I could select an issue, and when I hit the X to close the results listing, CB would jump to that title, but now it doesn't do that. How do I get CB to do that again?
  19. Is there a massive change or something? My update has been running for more than 4 hours now deleting tons of titles. I've never changed any update settings and I update every week.
  20. I've noticed that the street dates are incorrect on a lot of books for a while now and it's still continuing. Marvel Action: Captain Marvel (2nd Series) #5 came out today but it's showing 7/7 in the database Cable (4th Series) #12 came out today but it's showing 6/30 in the database Amazing Spider-Man (5th Series) #71 came out today but it's showing 7/21 in the database Daredevil (6th Series) #32 came out today but it's showing 7/21 in the database Eternals (5th Series) #6 came out today but it's showing 7/7 Fantastic Four (6th Series) #34 came out today but it's showing 7/14 Transformers: Beast Wars #6 came out today but it's showing 7/21
  21. It started showing up today in the options, so it's fine now. Thanks!
  22. I've got a Dymo Labelwriter and I'd like to be able to print my comic ID labels to it, but CB doesn't seem to be able to find it. Is there a way to print ID and price labels to it instead of printing to a big sheet of labels on my regular printer?
  23. It did not fix the issue. Those issues are all still there and showing in stock in my collection.
  24. It happened after the last content update
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