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  1. Is there a massive change or something? My update has been running for more than 4 hours now deleting tons of titles. I've never changed any update settings and I update every week.
  2. I've noticed that the street dates are incorrect on a lot of books for a while now and it's still continuing. Marvel Action: Captain Marvel (2nd Series) #5 came out today but it's showing 7/7 in the database Cable (4th Series) #12 came out today but it's showing 6/30 in the database Amazing Spider-Man (5th Series) #71 came out today but it's showing 7/21 in the database Daredevil (6th Series) #32 came out today but it's showing 7/21 in the database Eternals (5th Series) #6 came out today but it's showing 7/7 Fantastic Four (6th Series) #34 came out today but it's showing 7/14 Transformers: Beast Wars #6 came out today but it's showing 7/21
  3. It started showing up today in the options, so it's fine now. Thanks!
  4. I've got a Dymo Labelwriter and I'd like to be able to print my comic ID labels to it, but CB doesn't seem to be able to find it. Is there a way to print ID and price labels to it instead of printing to a big sheet of labels on my regular printer?
  5. It did not fix the issue. Those issues are all still there and showing in stock in my collection.
  6. It happened after the last content update
  7. I just sent the email. It is NOT just this title, there are several others. I was checking to see what issues I had that were missing covers and all of a sudden I had a LOT more because these 0 issues showed up.
  8. With the most recent update, now all of a sudden I am showing comics in stock that are issue #0 for titles that have never had this. Like Thor Vol 1, Avengers Vol 5, Cataclysm (Marvel) and several others.
  9. I've got the program, I just need the downloadable image disks.
  10. I've got a new computer with no disc drive, so I need to download the cover images from the site, but I cannot find the page where they are located.
  11. I'm still having issues with the reports not updating. I've submitted multiple times but the last report continues to show as being 12/27/19, and I've updated them at least 3 times since then.
  12. None of my reports are showing up, either on line or through the app.
  13. How do I create a Want List Report now? Before it gave you the option to just select all issues, not it only gives you Current Title, Titles I Own and Manually Select Titles. I have issues I'm wanting that I do not currently own any issues from that series.
  14. I've got all my pictures stored on an external drive instead of my hard drive because I don't have that much room there. How do I get CB to look there instead of the default location?
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