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  1. 4-J is the same book as 4-G This should be the cover for 6-J (J & L same cover)
  2. Robyn Hood the Curse #4-G is the same as cover #4-J
  3. I think you have the same problem I did when I upgraded, the new version has less variation (ACE, SD , CGC , GR and so on) I added some of the "missing" variation to the list of variations and then my "missing" books showed up
  4. The 2017 database has the correct printing #'s. I installed the 2020 version back in October (ish) I have been adding new issues & new titles to the database, the AMS 3rd Series #1's were in the 2017 database file before update & correctly in the 2020 database for a while then I went to C2E2 picked up a missing variant (only 1 or 2 more to get them all) went to enter it and saw that error, then I went to enter in the 2nd print of Detective Comics #660 that I got and noticed 1st, 2nd and 3rd printing were the same & did more checking to find even more 2nd, 3rd & 4th prints have the error as the Identity Crisis as shown above. The only info I have added to the ASM series & Identity Crisis is qty in stock You almost need to add a Variant issue # field instead of letters & different printings with as many variants that are coming out now. Tim
  5. No I do not have a recent backup, When went to open my backup they get/got converted to error version also. I did more looking into it and it is about 90% of any 2nd and above printings show up as 1st prints Oops version is (bad typing)
  6. All of the variants that I own have had the printing variation reset to first prints so now it looks like I have 50 some of the same cover I have had more problems with this new Comicsbase 2020 then I gave had in ALL of the older versions combined Build is V20.0.2.3641
  7. The original solicitation from Marvel was Jane Foster: Valkyrie, Before it came out the changed it to what it is now Valkyrie Jane Foster. Hope that helps
  8. Thank you, At first glance when you look at it it looks like it won't work because you have no option to choose to only select item in stock. It does it automatically for you
  9. With the 2020 Comicbase when you combine 2 data bases into 1 you get duplicate listing Why? 2017 version and before it would add to the QTY if all fields were the same if grades were different it would be a new listing Can we go back to this
  10. With the new 2020 I can no longer print price labels based on qty in stock, I have to mark & then unmark them which is extra steps
  11. After looking more at the database I have discovered that all of the "point" (Amazing Spider-Man #700.1, Batman #23.1 etc) issues have been converted to #0 issues. And it seams as the problem came from when I converted a Book to a comic (Book of Outrage The art of Frank Cho) it and the 1/2 box after it still has the Locations
  12. Its not that I'm not seeing the column its that the data is NOT in the column
  13. Most if not all of the Zenescope Variants have a letter on the back of variant to signify what variant it is/will be (even if it is not published yet) it would be nice if Comicbase would use that instead of just giving it the next available variant letter
  14. I have been using Comicbase since Version 6, I have never had any of my data disappear until now, I use the custom field 1 as my location for what box my books are in sometime in the last week that field has now been cleared of all information as to which box what books are in. is there any way to get that information back? I have spent the last 2 weeks entering in new books that I have acquired & some box that I got busy with conventions and running my business that had not entered in yet. Is there a backup that it does somewhere ? I'm not happy that the Importing of item adds a duplicate and does not add to the qty. I also use Comicbase in my store when i pick up a collection to add it to my inventory, but now I have to find a different system of adding new books to my main inventory Tim
  15. Is there a way to combine same issue # or a way to find witch one are duplicate of themselves?
  16. When I import books from a collection that I just bought from my PC database into my main Desktop database it add a whole new issue instead of increasing the qty by the number in the new DB. (both Versions are It increased the qty correctly in 2017 All the info is the same just the QTY is different Am I doing something wrong?
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