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  1. This Title is actually #12 under the entry: The Michael Moorcock Library
  2. Any movement on this? My profile still shows 6 contributions when I was around 1700+. It hasn't even been tracking my latest contributions.
  3. Yeah, I used to be in the 85-90 range and the last time I looked, I was off the charts...
  4. I've been a ComicBase user since the beginning, when it ran on the Apple OS. It was my tradition to pick up the latest version at the San Diego Comic Con. Now, I have a stack of disks, collected from over the years, taking up a lot of room. No one else can use these, since they were registered to me. Should I just junk them?
  5. I think I found the problem: I'm running ComicBase 2020, but Sidekick is using an older database. It doesn't explain why other new comics show up.
  6. After using the Comicbase app to add purchases and checking new purchases, I got this dialog box:
  7. Weird. Ran the weekly update, did the File Tools, optimized the database. Still, that title doesn't show up for me.
  8. https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/TitleDetail.aspx?TitleID=64159&M=1 In Atomic Avenue, but not in Comicbase.
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