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  1. 3 hours ago, Walt Grogan said:

    Hi, @Mark J. Castaneda

    I just want to be sure. Are you suggesting that any content corrections be sent directly to the support team rather than posting them here to expedite issues?



    "any content corrections"  

    Content corrections that are pretty routine (including cover scans) can be sent directly from your database.  Cover scans that don't upload from your database can be sent to support via email.  

    There isn't a mechanism for sending deletions of titles or issues from your database.  So those should either be emailed to CB support or posted on the message boards.  

    Any sort of correction that seems unusually complicated, which has some level of uncertainty associated with it, or which might benefit from discussion from CB users (for example, "I can't find this... is it in the database?") should be posted to the message boards.  

    @Mark J. Castaneda can correct me if I am wrong on the above.  

  2. 6 hours ago, Mark J. Castaneda said:

    I'll mention to the programming team for you. The possible problem is what if the user only has a handful of comics... the screensaver wouldn't be very cool

    One might argue that situation would be an incentive to buy more comics on Atomic Avenue!  

  3. 2 hours ago, Steven L. Dasinger said:

    The problem is if you are going by 'comic book size means comics' just about every book (Absolute, Omnibus, just to mention a few) would be in Books since they are not comic-size. And items like Savage Sword of Conan (the b&w version) would need to be in Magazines since it is magazine size.

    Plus things like Amazing Heroes and even one issue of Comic Book Artist were comic sized, but they are clearly magazines and not comics. 
    As you say, categorizing by size leads to obvious problems. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Walt Grogan said:

    I won't argue but I'd disagree with the statement that it will make more sense in the long run especially since there are no fields that indicate the size of the format. I can't imagine anyone outside of some ComicBase users thinking Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe is a magazine especially when Who's Who in the DC Universe is magazine-sized. That said, I've long since given up on making heads or tails of the choices made in ComicBase or making suggestions and just accept that it's just the way it is.

    It isn't a question of size or physical format that makes something eligible for the Comic Book category, it is a question of what the content is.  

  5. 3 minutes ago, Walt Grogan said:

    It all seems kind of arbitrary. Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe although comic-sized is typed as a magazine, I guess because it's text with illustrations vs The Amazing World of Superman which is typed as a comic book although it's tabloid-sized even though it is a combination of text with illustrations and comic stories.

    There may well be items that were cataloged in ComicBase prior to the creation of the Book and Magazine categories that have escaped (so far) a move to the appropriate category. 

    In the case of The Amazing World of Superman, that contains articles but also several comic stories.  More than half of the pages are comics, so I assume that is the reason why HC decided to keep it in the Comic category.    

  6. 9 minutes ago, Walt Grogan said:

    So, to be clear, the magazine-sized Savage Tales is considered a comic book while the comic book-sized 50 Who Made DC Great is considered a magazine. Got it.

    Yes, correct on both counts. 

    It has caused some consternation amongst users as things like Who's Who and OHOTMU have been moved over to the Magazine category, but in the long run I think it will make more sense.  And (finally!!!) Atomic Avenue now handles magazines (and books) much more easily than it used to, so selling "formerly-comics-but-now-magazines" items is much easier than in the past.  

    There will always be items that seem like they have a foot in both camps, but you can always post here on the boards to get help in sorting it out from the HC editorial team and from other CB users.  

  7. I am reviving this thread. 

    The title Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites was deleted, but (as per my 4/11 post) it never should have been.  I have resubmitted this title from my database. 

    Also, the Beasts of Burden: The Gathering Storm Book #1/HC persists.  It should be deleted for the reasons that I laid out upthread. 

    EDIT:  Never mind, I see that when the BoB: Animal Rites title was re-added, the URL at Atomic Avenue changed.  So the title is there.  What is missing is the softcover version of the book, and that should be included in the submission that I made from my database.  My comments re: BoB: Gathering Storm HC still pertain.  Thanks!

  8. 12 hours ago, Mark J. Castaneda said:

    Apologizes, I was mistaken with what Express users get with content updates. Even though you get the Storyline, artist, & writer fields in the database, they don't get updated when running a content update.

    I just took a look at the ComicBase website. 

    Other than cover images being included with the Archive weekly updates, it is not clear at all on the website that the content information for weekly updates is different for the different versions of the program.  

  9. At this week's Livestream, @Peter R. Bickford talked a bit about how the database should handle items that are sold as a set but which are separable in some way.  You can catch the discussion at this link.  

    Here are some different scenarios, each of which might require different editorial handling...

    1.  Two comics, magazines, and/or graphic novels originally sold together in a polybag.  The polybag can be removed and now you have two separate items.  

    2.  A comic sold in a polybag with a trading card, poster, statue, action figure, or temporary tattoos.  The polybag can be removed and the items can be separated from the extra items.  (e.g., X-Force #1, many different issues of Topps comics)  

    3.  A comic not polybagged but had bound-in trading card (or other item, such as a flexidisc record).  The cards can be removed and the comic is still intact.  

    4.  A comic sold as an extra with an item not normally tracked in the database (e.g., a record that includes a comic).  

    5.  A Kickstarter publication of some type that is sent out to backers with additional tchochkes and which is NOT polybagged.... and later on an IDENTICAL and indistinguishable copy of the same publication is made available through regular retail outlets without any of the tchochkes.  

    There may be other scenarios.... I especially encourage @Mark J. Castaneda and @Peter R. Bickford to add any other permutations that they have come across and feel that they need to handle editorially.  

  10. The database lists issues #3/A and #3/B for the comic title Frankenstein Undone.  I don't think that those issues were ever released as the title was suspended when the Scott Allie stuff hit the fan again.  Those two issues should be deleted from the database.  

    (The first two issues -- including variants -- were released, so those should stay in the database.)  

  11. This week's update added the comic title The Return of Mark Hamill.  That should be cataloged as Return of Mark Hamill, The.  

    Also added was the comic title Rudetoons Sketchbook.  Based on the title, it sounds like this contains pin-ups rather than actual comics.  If that is true, then it might need to be moved to the Magazine category.  Can anybody verify the contents?  

    The title Gold Peanut, the was also added.  Should that actually be Gold Peanut, The [note capitalization]?  

  12. The database title Conan the King: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus lists three issues:  #1/HC, #1-A, and #1-B.  

    There were only two versions of this book.  The issue #1-B has creator credits that refer to the Jason Aaron series collection, not the original 1980's series but (oddly) has the cover of #1-A.  

    So #1-B should be deleted.  The credits and covers for #1/HC and #1-A are correct (albeit prelim artwork is shown for #1/HC).  

  13. The title Tarzan of the Apes (Edgar Rice Burroughs’…) from Dark Horse lists two issues:  issue #1, which apparently contains reprints from Dell/Gold Key; and Hardcover #1, which includes the first 127 Sunday-style strips from an online Tarzan comic strip (definitely not Dell/Gold Key reprints).  

    Although these two Tarzan items were both published by Dark Horse, it seems a little odd that they are lumped together.  The hardcover just came out a couple of months ago, so I thought I would ask the editorial team if this is how we want to leave the title (before it sits around so long that the "it's too late to change it and mess up everybody's inventory" rule gets invoked).  

  14. When the new CB2023 comes out (which is very very soon, according to the most recent Livestream), you could change the Media Type for the prop keys to be Newspaper.  Then, when you do weekly content updates, make sure that your settings are for the Newspaper category to be not updated.  

    Not the most elegant solution, I know, but it should work for you.  

    Perhaps the best solution would be for CB to add a Media category of "Other" that *NEVER* has anything in it in the master database, but users can use it for whatever other stuff they collect (e.g., DVD/Blu-Rays, trading cards, statues, prop keys, etc).  Since the master database wouldn't ever have anything in that category, the content updates would never disturb whatever individual users decide to track there.  

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  15. The 1972 date tells me that is almost certainly not an issue of Captain America but is actually a reprint book of some type (possibly Marvel Super Action or Marvel Triple Action).  

    Edited to add:  I have been able to verify that what you have is a copy of Marcel Super Action #2, which contains a reprint of Captain America #101. 

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