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  1. Jeez, I had no idea that there were so many *different* "Genius" books for Alex Toth. Makes sense keeping the slipcase as a separate title since I gather that the individual books aren't numbered volumes.
  2. The following Book titles were added to the database in the most recent content update. These should have been added to the Comics media category. • Dennis the Menace: Ain’t Misbehavin’ • Hi and Lois: Mama’s Home • Jeffy’s Lookin’ at Me! Clearly there is a user out there who is continuing to submit these based on item construction rather than on item contents. If the editorial team can figure out who that is, it might be worth dropping them an email. Also discovered the following titles (not added this week) that should be moved from Books to Comics: • Dennis the Menace: Surprise Package • Dennis the Menace: All-American Kid • Dennis the Menace: I Done It My Way • Can anybody verify whether the contents of Dennis the Menace, His First 40 Years are primarily contents or primarily text? Given the ongoing issues with comic strip reprints ending up in Books rather than Comics, can anybody verify the contents of Dick Tracy's Fiendish Foes? There were a whole bunch of "Genius" Alex Toth books added, but I gather from @Steven L. Dasinger's posts on Slack that those will get cleaned up. So if you have any of those books in your collection, I suggest sitting tight for the next week for HC to get that sorted out properly before entering them into your database. Added to the Comic Book category: A Day in the Life of the Octopus. That should really be Day in the Life of the Octopus, A Having said, that, it looks like this might be a duplication of a title in the Comics category that is in fact indexed as Day in the Life of the Octopus, A.
  3. Yes, those two titles have been packaged and re-packaged so many times that they have gotten complicated! Collected editions of the original Hellblazer series is another complicated one. It probably should have gotten some "break out" reprint titles in the database, but that ship has sailed so long ago that any kind of major clean-up will screw up the inventories in everybody's databases. Emails to support usually should work, not sure what was going on over at Human Computing that caused difficulties with emails going to the support desk. If emails don't work, then the forum should work fine. The forum is an especially good place to go if there is something complicated that would benefit from getting multiple sets of eyeballs on it and getting some discussion.
  4. In general, my understanding of CB's current editorial policy is that if a collected edition only collects issues from a single series, then the item often gets placed with the title it is reprinting. There are exceptions, particularly if the collected edition is part of a series itself -- examples would include DC Archives, EC Archives, Marvel Masterworks, Marvel Epic collections. The timing of the release of the collected edition vs. the printing of the original series typically doesn't come into play. This is particularly true for short run series and mini-series that get reprinted in single "one-and-done" volumes (see this thread for an example). In situations where issues from multiple series are included in a collected edition, then the item should probably be under its own title. There may be exceptions, but typically this is the convention that is followed. In this particular case, there are books in the Justice League of America Silver Age and Justice League of America Bronze Age omnibus series that include issues from outside of the main Justice League of America title, so both of those series of reprints really do need to be listed as separate titles (which is the consensus decision in this thread, of course).
  5. I'm seeing only three versions of Maxx #0.5 listed in the master database. Based on posts in other threads, I think that this user has some duplications in his database that are not in the master database.
  6. Antioch issues #3 & #4 have been cancelled. Doesn't sound like they will be resolicited, the current plan is for the series to go straight to a tpb collection that will include the cancelled issues.
  7. Well, oddities like that can happen because, as I'm sure we all know, cover dates and on-sale dates can differ by 2-3 months. Holiday specials, for example, can have different years in their title and their cover date as stated in the indicia.
  8. I would have to go back to check the indicia for the most recent Timeless issue, but yes, there have been two separate one-shots from Marvel with the title Timeless.
  9. Blue Angel (Dead Reckoning) has been cancelled. Reportedly, this will be resolicited, but in the meantime it should be removed from the database.
  10. Item Title is a relatively recent feature, so it is possible that some of the items you list *should* have an Item Title but neither editorial nor the user base have gotten around to getting these updated.
  11. The three Bronze Age omni are listed as Book #1/HC through Book #3/HC under the Justice League of America title. If the Bronze Age omni are to be listed under the Justice League of America title, then the Silver Age omnis probably should as well... BUT the Silver Age omnis have their own title, PLUS James is correct in that there is also a separate title for the Bronze Age omni. So my suggestion is that Book #1/HC through Book #3/HC get removed from Justice League of America and that all three books be listed under the Justice League of America: The Bronze Age Omnibus title.
  12. Gambit (8th series) is one of Marvel's recent "retro series" using creators and continuity from the 80s/90s. Although it isn't labelled as such, it is essentially a mini-series and it concluded with issue #5.
  13. Fortunately, I saw your note before installing the latest content update. I emptied the cover date and street date fields and resubmitted.
  14. Orders for Stranger Things: The Many Ghosts of Dr. Brenner have been cancelled. Dark Horse plans to resolicit, but until that happens, the title should be pulled from the database.
  15. A couple of those titles might need to be examined as to whether they should be re-titled with the author in parentheses at the end of the title name. Also, I believe that Frank Miller's Daredevil and the Ends of Heroism is a prose book, not a comic, so that needs to be moved into the appropriate category.
  16. The database includes the title The Secret History: Game of Chance. I am not able to find verification that the five periodical issues or the collected hardcover came out (the floppies were solicited in 2011, I think). If nobody can verify that any of these came out, I think that the title should be deleted from the database. (I am pretty sure that this topic came up on the old message boards, but I'm getting an Error 500 Internal Server Error page when I try to go there.)
  17. I agree, this would be very helpful to those of us who add books in giant batches!
  18. I think that these emails occasionally go out to the person who started a thread that received some replies. I suspect (but I'm not positive) that the odds of receiving such an email go up if you (i.e., the original poster) don't respond in the thread that has received responses. I'm guessing that it is an over-active feature of the message board software. I don't think that this anything like the Swan station button on "Lost", deleting the emails doesn't trigger negative consequences.
  19. I think that the Notes field is the appropriate place for this particular info.
  20. The 2023 printing of the Flashpoint tpb has been cancelled. Apparently the 5th printing remains in stock, so DC isn't going to make more at the present time. With that in mind, Flashpoint (2nd series) Book #1 (6th print) should be deleted from the database.
  21. The entry for Marvel Calendar #2014 contains the following in the Notes field: Mispelled on front as“Calender” Note that the word "Mispelled" should actually be "Misspelled" Also, there should be a space between as and "Calender"
  22. This week's update added the comic title The Spider: Syndicate of Crime. That should be indexed as Spider, The: Syndicate of Crime . Also, the only issue under this title is listed as #1/DM. There are no other issues... is there a reason why this isn't just listed as #1? (I'm not familiar with this, so there could be a reason, but I honestly don't know what it could be.) [[As an aside: while researching the above, I noticed that the database includes the title Jerry Siegel’s The Syndicate of Crime. Should that be indexed as The Syndicate of Crime (Jerry Siegel’s…) ?]] Also added in this week's content update was the comic title Three Stooges, The: Jubille Reprint. Should that really be Three Stooges, The: Jubilee Reprint ?
  23. These kinds of emails have been showing up in my inbox on occasion. I just delete them and move on. The sun still rises in the east, the birds still sing, and the universe hasn't ended.
  24. He looked to see how many items were in stock with Qty greater than or equal to 1. He really needs to look to see how many items are in stock with Qty greater than 1 to see if that is the cause of his problem. But I agree, Rebuild Lists may help him out.
  25. Click on the Find button to activate the dropdown menu, select Other. In the pop-up window, click on the box next to "Find" (in the general upper left region) to get a long dropdown menu. Select "Qty In Stock." That should update the window to give you options related to the number of items in stock. You might start out by selecting "Is Greater Than" and putting in something in the text box like "2" or "10" or something like that. Then click on the "Find" button in the lower right corner to get your results.
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