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  1. Did an update with Sidekick with the "Lock Notes (Don't Allow the update to add new info)" checkbox unchecked, which i assume means notes are unlocked and should update (which is mildly confusing, since the other two checks in this section are "Remove obsolete titles" and "Remove obsolete issues", two boxes you check to allow a change, while this is a box you check to prevent a change). Issue #1 for me still has the notes "Pink Skies; The Joes; Blue Sky Background".
  2. Just installed and I know see an unchecked checkbox in the Sidekick settings. Trying an update now...
  3. "Dr." alphabetizes as "Doctor" "Sgt." alphabetizes as "Sergeant" "Mr." alphabetizes as "Mister" "Mrs." alphabetizes as "Mistress" But.... "Ms." does not alphabetize as "Miss"?
  4. I brought this up on the old forums several months ago, but it appears to still be double listed. Cover reads "DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels and Chronolgy 2013", with a #1 and a "Free". Indicia on page 2 gives the same name. On the back we have the following: ISBN 978-1-4012-4559-7 UPC 9 781401 245597 50000 Diamond Code FEB138581 It, and several others, are still double listed under "DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels and Chronology" in Books as issue #TPB 2013 and "DC Essential Graphic Novels" in Comic Books as issue #2013, both in Comicbase and AtomicAvenue (Incidentally, in AtomicAvenue, while the dropdown lists the issues as "TPB xxxx", each individual entry only shows the issues as #xxxx.)
  5. Query - The option is missing from what, or, how do you have the option in your screen capture and I don't? Was yours from Comicbase, if it was going to do the update, while mine was from Sidekick? Are you running a different version/build than I am? Is it Archive vs. Professional? Is it PC vs. Mac?
  6. That is the only option I don't have in my Comicbase Sidekick Settings | Content Updates tab. I am running Archive Edition on Windows 10.
  7. And where is this "lock item notes" check box? Sidekick offers Content Updates options for Item Values and Prices; allow corrections to existing Cover Dates, Cover Prices, Creator Credits, Storylines, and Title Info and Description; options for Cover Downloading; and the ability to remove obsolete titles and issues. None of those appear to effect Notes. I have every option selected for Updates allowed.
  8. The new forum can keep track of which topics have new posts that you haven't read. Am I missing some trick in actually reading these updated threads so that I will be focused starting on the new posts? Every time I go to read a thread with new posts, I start off at the top and have to figure out scrolling down where the transition is between stuff I've read (3, 4, 10, 15 times...) and the new posts?
  9. I believe that he is describing data missing from some (930) of his books, and not all (at 34 boxes, we're talking many thousands). I don't believe he's describing a hidden column, where he would be unable to see the Location information for all of his books, but rather the selective omission of the Location information from a portion of his collection.
  10. How will we know when the maintenance is finished? Is it already finished?
  11. It looks like changes were made. While I understand why, the database purist in me has a small twinge at the shifting of the Pink skies version from the original #1 to #1/B, rather than retaining the #1 description and adding the #1/B fresh as the Blue version. The Pink is the variant, the previously unlisted Blue is apparently the main, and the main should be the #1 while the variant should be the, well, variant. I get it, but I still weep inside. My database appears to have done a merge update on the Notes, however, resulting in the following incongruous Notes for #1: "Pink Skies; The Joes; Blue Sky Background". How can I: 1) Determine which of my notes don't match the official notes? and/or 2a) Update all my notes to the official? 2b) Suggestions on how to perform a manual comparison of my notes to the official, probably by way of comparing information exported from two different databases?
  12. When pulling up a title list, here are some possible things to do: Highlight titles that are current, i.e. have the end year as "Present" Highlight titles that you own when looking at all titles. Highlight marked titles.
  13. Optimizing. Preparing backup 0%, 59%, 84%, 100% Backing up... 12:49 twiddle, twiddle, twiddle 12:58. Yeah, no. I still don't think it's working.
  14. I keep a backup copy of my installers on a removable drive. Forgot that I was running the installer from off the removable drive, and removed it mid-process. Duh. We'll see how everything goes after a reboot.
  15. failed to install. I'll put this in a separate topic. Edit. I think I'm an idiot. Give me a few minutes.
  16. My book (which by the way, has the UPC of #1/A's entry, 70985370478200111, while #1 has no entered UPC) does not appear to have a cover gallery. I assume mine represents a regular blue sky version from which 99 were taken and signed, and not an ultra-rare 100th that they forgot to sign.
  17. G.I. Joe: Battle Files #1, and 1/A #1 notes states "Pink Skies", and the cover scan does have a pink cast to it, in contrast to the clear white of the middle stripe after the logo. #1/A has a blue sky, but is apparently a Signed version. I have an unsigned Blue Sky version. Suggestion on how to properly enter it?
  18. Detective Comics #38/A The notes and coverscan show this as a Toys R Us reprint. The notes further indicate that this came in a Toys R Us 3-pack giveaway. I realized that I have the polybagged 3-pack and not the loose single comic. 1) What are the other two issues in this 3-pack giveaway? 2) How should I properly enter the actual still-bagged 3-pack? I searched for the other issues, and this is the only one with the 3-pack information. Of the other 9 with "Toys R Us" in the notes, Detective #359/A has a similar corner logo, and if so, would still leave one unidentified issue left.
  19. I wake up this morning and Cloud save is still attempting to process.
  20. I pulled mine. The indicia reads "VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER No. 1, September 2019"
  21. Running now... Manually started Optimizing,,, Preparing backup (0%), then 44%, 59%, 72%, 84%, 96%, 100% Backing up twiddle, twiddle, twiddle, probably been 2 minutes, didn't check at first... 5:31 pm... 5:36 pm, still thinks it's running. Guess it's still not working.
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