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  1. The title "It's Not Quite Malibu" in CB appears to be a duplicate of the title "Cavewoman: It's Not Quite Malibu" but without the cover images.
  2. While I see a lot of examples of saved searches, which does help, I'd like to restate Greg's original request for a resource that explains the basic syntax for the Advanced Search. Some of the fields are more intuitive as to how to search on them than others. I don't have a specific search that I'm trying to accomplish at the moment, but would like to have a sort of instruction manual for how to use the tool handy when the need arises.
  3. There appear to be two convention variants for G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero #180: one G.I. Joe Convention version, and one specific to SDCC, with the only apparent difference being the name badge artwork. This observation is based only on available images online though, as I do not have either version in hand:
  4. CB is showing entries for Starchild: Mythopolis #5 and 6 which were unfortunately never published. The other issues listed (0, 1, 2, 3, 4) are the only ones published for this aborted series from 1997-1998.
  5. And a couple of follow-up items for the NFT discussion from a few weeks ago, and whether/how it would affect comics collecting: https://www.marvel.com/articles/gear/marvel-and-veve-collaborate-to-offer-digital-collectibles-experience-for-marvel-fans-worldwide https://www.macroverse.com/ is a new platform for the creation and distribution of creator-owned NFT comics
  6. Out of curiosity, have you guys developed a strategy yet for Kickstarter / Indigogo / etc comics projects as far as determining if/when projects that are fully-funded are actually fulfilled, how those are dated in the database, and how to handle covers which may differ from the preview art shown for the campaign? Info on "funded" projects that may or may not have made it into the real world seems tough to come by. Perhaps showing them with "Preliminary Artwork" on the covers, as with Diamond issues that have been solicited but not yet printed? Entering issues once I have them in hand is one thing, but I'd like to also be able to use ComicBase (and by extension AtomicAvenue) to help identify and track down some of these interesting comics that were not solicited through traditional distribution channels. I've bitten on a handful of Kickstarters lately that I will scan and enter when they arrive, but passed on many more, not to mention those that came previously before I was paying attention. When I do enter them though, do you guys prefer the Notes to read "Funded via Kickstarter," "Self-Published via Kickstarter," just "Kickstarter" or something else?
  7. Where can I get that "pink ribbon" graphic used to cover the naughty bits on some of the more revealing covers? I'd like to be able to pre-censor when uploading cover scans in case the revelations are overlooked by the CB editorial staff.
  8. Looks like the series Brotherman published by Big City Comics has duplicate entries under the title "Brotherman" and with the subtitle "Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline." I have no issues in hand to be able to verify which is accurate per the indicia.
  9. Both issues #2 (regular and hardcover) covers shown in CB for this title are the covers of the 2nd prose novel in this series (same name and author, but all text, no comics). The GN version, which appears to be the same for both the softcover and hardcover, is attached. I attempted to upload through the program, but the cover scan was not accepted, presumably because the current master db image is larger.
  10. Thank you for that tip! That does seem to have removed the Previews Catalog scans from the mix-up (by eliminating them from the download), although I did still spot a few other magazine titles routed to the wrong publishers. Still seems to only be affecting magazines, and as before, if I go to the individual entries in ComicBase, highlight the issue, and use Download Cover from the drop-down menu, it downloads to the correct folder:
  11. Thanks Pete. Is there a way to force a content download other than Check For Updates in the drop-down menu? I'm happy to check, but keep getting the "you're already current" message:
  12. Out of curiosity this morning, I hit the Check For Updates again, and it downloaded another content update which included the Previews Catalog images again, but it dropped them in a different publisher's folder this time. Similarly the Playboy Magazine images jumped publisher folders as well: Going to the actual Previews Catalog title in ComicBase, it showed the entries for those issues, but without cover images. Highlighting the entries in the software and hitting Download Covers did bring down the images correctly though. I'm currently on build v. if that helps to identify the issue.
  13. Found a few more that went into title folders under the wrong publishers. Seems it may have been magazine cover images affected?
  14. Downloaded the latest content update today, and happened to notice that there were a ton of cover images for Previews Catalog that dumped in the Slave Labor publisher's directory rather than the Diamond Comic Distributors Inc directory where the other Previews Catalog cover images are housed. The first few examples:
  15. Fair enough. Thank you for clarifying.
  16. In the title Wizard: The Comics Magazine, there are listings for issues #167.2 and #187.2, both of which appear to coincide with the Wizard Mega Movie #3 (Spring/Summer 2007 issue) which is listed under its own separate title. Unfortunately, I do not have any of these in hand to be able to check the indicia for how these issues are titled.
  17. Looks like the images for the regular and Whitman variant issues are backward in CB (variant should be the one with the slash through the UPC). I submitted a correction through the program, but it only took the image for the regular edition as an upload.
  18. Having a similar need, I wound up using/dedicating one of the custom fields to add a publisher as I'm entering inventory, which can then be exported. I typically Ctrl+G for a quick change of the entire title. Requires a little more manual entry, but also helps with those titles that changed publishers mid-run such that some issues don't match up with the main publisher for that title.
  19. Having read through the old message board posts regarding Heavy Metal, and their shift to a sequential issue numbering rather than the previous annual volume/issue number method, I am understanding that their records and those of CB apparently differ by about 10 issues. Currently, the first series numbering stops at #258 in ComicBase and on AA, with those last few issues before the shift being absent from both Series 1 and Series 2. Presumably this was done to avoid confusion, but with the side effect being that those 10 issues or so are no longer indexed or available on AA in either series. Coincidentally, this shift in numbering happened at a time when I was winding down my new comics purchases and not frequenting my LCS as often, which resulted in some gaps in my long run right before the shift in numbering. I'm trying to figure out which issues I am missing, and create a usable want list, but in addition to the missing 10 issues, am having some difficulties reconciling the old volume/issue numbering Heavy Metal used with the sequential numbering shown for Series 1 in the database. With magazines now having their own category in the database and volume/issue numbering being more common, is there a possibility of seeing this applied to the Series 1 Heavy Metal issues? Or will I just need to rely on that information being in the "Notes" column and do the best I can with visual references of the covers when shopping off-AA to fill in those gaps?
  20. Heavy Metal #293/A is showing the incorrect cover, and lists 2 artists in the Notes section. The A cover should be the one attached below, by Flavio Greco Paglia. The cover currently shown in ComicBase is also correctly displayed for the C cover, and is by Wanjin Gim. I attempted to upload the correct cover via the Submit New Or Corrected Data link, but apparently the master database image is larger, because it did not ask me for my image.
  21. The title "Walt & Skeezix" has both a 1 and 1/HC which appear to be the same book (same UPC shown for both, but no cover image for 1). Looks like there is not a non-hardcover version of #1, and this item should be eliminated as a duplicate?
  22. A more in-depth discussion of UPC's, Alt-UPC's, ISBN's (including difference between ISBN-10 and ISBN-13) might help clear up some confusion. In addition to the newsstand vs direct market UPC differences for the same issue (perhaps not a universal thing for all publishers, but definitely there for post-"Spidey face box" Marvel for instance), it appears a large number of floppy comics in the database show ISBN's which I would expect to apply only to books, or at least comics bound in a book format. Are these auto-generated based on the UPC input? Also, it appears the ISBN-10 format is generally what is stored in the database, which is not necessarily the same as the ISBN-13 minus the first three characters. The more I'm typing, the more I'm thinking this may not be as much of a general-interest topic as I was originally thinking. But perhaps a simple discussion of how those fields are populated in the database, and how to use that information to find those items in the real world (when not in stock on Atomic Avenue, of course) might be useful. P.S. Thank you to Greg for the advice above.
  23. No it does not, or at least, the newsstand copy that I have neither mentions nor contains a mini poster. So that may be reason enough to maintain the newsstand edition as 1/A, but removing the "Special Justoys Collector's Edition" note currently showing for 1/A. And adding the red-bordered cover scan to 1/B should help to visually clarify the difference. Thanks!
  24. It appears that the cover image for #1/A on file is actually the newsstand edition of #1, and that the #1/A and 1/B issues which both have notes as being the Justoys Variant are referring to the same cover/printing. Unless there is some reason I'm overlooking to distinguish newsstand from direct market edition on this one, it appears there should just be a 1/A, and 1/B should be deleted. Judging by the images in the image folder, it appears that the direct market and newsstand covers for each issue in this 3-issue mini-series were at one time listed as # and #/A, but when the newsstand covers were dropped as variations, the #1 remained. I went ahead and submitted a cover image for the Justoys Variant through the software, but am attaching it here as well, along with the direct market and newsstand versions for comparison. Thanks!
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