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  1. Pete and I worked on it and got it fixed with the new build.
  2. Yes, that is the correct build and no, resetting preferences didn't do anything.
  3. Since when? Most signed books (not comics) don't include COAs, the authenticity is implied in the limitation. Collected comics editions have been released without COAs for decades and are included in the system. Mage Bk 1/LE-Bk 3/LE, American Flagg Bk 1/LE-Bk 3/LE, The R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book HC/LE, The Silent Invasion Bk 1/LE-Bk 4/LE, Moonshadow Bk 1/LE, Feldstein: The Mad Life and Fantastic Art of Al Feldstein! HC/LE, The Art of the Star Wars Galaxy, and Sin City (Dark Horse) 1/LE are off the top of my head.
  4. I also forgot to mention that to get to "Quick Change," you will need to right click on one of the issues that you have selected. (I'm not trying to spam, but after my first edit, I can't seem to edit anymore)
  5. I forgot to emphasize where you need to click to select in the first pics.
  6. I'm not entirely sure I understand the question, but you can select issues by selecting them on the far left column on a series. Just like submitting information, when you click that column, it turns the entire line blue. You can either select one (e.g. #7) and then scroll to the last issue of the run you want to select (say, issue #44) and hold the shift key then select issue #44. It will select issues 7-44 and all will turn blue. From there, you can do a "Quick Change" on any field. Just remember that whatever you're changing will apply to all issues you have selected. If you need to select several issues but they are not in sequence (e.g. #7, #16, #22, and #48) hold the CTRL key down and select each issue you need, then go to "Quick Change" and make your changes.
  7. I meant to post the same last night. "Enter by barcode" is the only window I can re-size and it has no effect.
  8. I have the same problem as the original poster
  9. Changing themes didn't work either. I'm sure this is a local issue but I have looked at everything I can think of. I think it's only on CB but since the computer only uses CB and a scanner, I don't have any apps to play with to see if the appear wrong as well. All of the built-in applications are working fine.
  10. I feel like this has to be some sort of resolution/scaling problem but prior to today, I hadn't touched those settings and as best I can tell, they are now set back to where they were before I started all of this. This is going to sound ridiculous, and it may be simply because I'm paying attention now, but I think I have differently sized fonts in CB than I did before. Are these differently sized for everyone?
  11. It gets worse. Now, when I try to add new items by barcode, my window looks like this
  12. Nothing happens, and when I try to scroll to the bottom of the pane, it changes the first drop down where "Collection Overview" is. I tried to change the size of the window and it's not an option. I just downloaded the latest version of CB ( and still no changes.
  13. I tried to upload my Collection Overview and Collection Report to the internet but it doesn't appear to be an option now. In the top right of the pane, there is the options to print which seems to be what used to be in the old pane but there is no "Save to internet" option now. Am I doing something wrong? I tried scrolling the pane but nothing happens
  14. Chamber of Chills (Harvey) #24 had the incorrect cover. It had the same cover as #4. Oddly enough #4 has the number 24 on the cover which probably created the confusion. I tried to submit the correct cover but don't have one large enough to override the current one. The correct cover is below.
  15. I'm finding credits for comic art under "Sam Moskowitz." There most definitely was a Sam Moskowitz but he was not an artist, he was known as a writer, critic and sci-fi fan/collector. Seymour "Sy" Moskowitz was a comic artist active from 1952 thru 1956 and there is practically no information anywhere that I can find. There were only about a half dozen Sam Moskowitz credits that I found and I submitted corrections on them.
  16. This book has the wrong cover attached to it. There was another Beware series from Youthful with the cover in CB. In all of these books, one of the storyline titles aligns with a cover blurb. Changing this cover and adding the other title continues this. I have added the Youthful book but can't change the cover in the Trojan series. The correct cover is below.
  17. Okay, it's a little clearer now but I'm still not 100% sure on this. This book is weird in every way. The title is misleading in that it has little to do with the actual death of Alex Raymond and is more of an analysis of inking techniques by genuine masters of the medium. Interesting, but not what the title leads one to believe. The original printed edition (I had originally listed as TPB 1) is not the same as the hardcover that is now available, as it only contains the first 119 pages of the full 308 page book. The book I submitted as TPB 2 is not in the hardcover at all, it's additional new material. I'm happy to resubmit all of this but want to be sure I get it right. What I submitted What it should be Description TPB 1 1 California Test Market Edition, paperback TPB 2 2 Volume 2: Mockups Bk 1-HC 1-HC Regular edition Bk 1-LE 1-LE Kickstarter signed edition Bk 1-A 1-A Printing error edition
  18. I'll try reading again tomorrow but none of this makes any sense to me. I don't have my computer with CB on it to look at any of this either. Assuming, I can make sense of it and remember to do anything, I'll try this weekend.
  19. I wasn't sure how to handle this, so I changed the HC-1, which was the only book in CB originally, to Bk 1. The problem is that there are three different versions of Bk 1. There is the standard edition which is what CB had. There is the limited Kickstarter edition with a singed plate added. Then there is an error edition in which blue inks were left out of a good portion of the end of the book. Additionally, the original TPB was the "California Test Edition" which was a fund raiser in an attempt to finish the book. There is also a book of mockups copying the pages sent between the creators, Dave Sim and Carson Grubaugh. I feel confident that a more standard TPB will likely follow but as yet there has been no official mention of it. I added all editions and notes as well along with pics for all but the second TPB. My scanner isn't cooperating currently.
  20. For any that haven't read this book, it's incredible. The art is stunning and the story is about many things and one thing, all at the same time. I read a review describing it as "a graphic novel about all wars" which fits but it's also about the warriors that fought them and the consequences they live with moving forward. I put it beside Batman: Night Cries as the best comics on the subject of PTSD. Well worth the time to track down a copy! As for corrections, there are a few that need to be made. First, I am unable to find any evidence of the #1 listed as "Prestige Format" at $4.95 so it should probably be removed. The Bk 1/HC was the first edition of this book at $24.95 and may have been in October of 1990, but I can't find anything definitive on the publication date, so the 9/1/1990 works as well as anything. I cannot find a UPC on this edition either. The ISBN listed in CB is from the back of the dust jacket. The price should probably be updated as well, it seems to hover in the $30-40 range. Bk1 has the correct cover but the wrong data attached. In the lower left corner of the cover, the ISBN number is present and does not match the one in the data. The ISBN in the data matches the second printing. Additionally, I can't find a UPC on the version with that cover but when I search the UPC listed in CB as an ISBN, it comes back as this book. Bk1-2 now has the correct information moved from Bk1 and I added a pic as well. There is also a limited edition and I added info on it as well. All of this has been submitted but I figured some clarification would help matters.
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