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  1. I am sooo far behind on adding my indy comics. There are at least 16 short boxes of comics I need to enter into ComicBase. I've picked them up at a variety of sources where the majority are from Kickstarter, IndyPlanet, and comic conventions. One of the reasons I am behind is that I want the cover added to the entry. Getting the cover scanned and cleaned up is not a quick process for me. Then there are the digital comics. I never thought I would have that many since I don't care for reading comics in that format. In my search for more indy comics, I realized there was a lot of inte
  2. I liked Peter Bickford's article on managing a large comic collection. I'm always curious what processes other people use for large collections. Labeling and dividers - I should take advantage of these methods especially the dividers. It would be a major time saver in finding a series instead of a "divide-and-conquer" approach. Comic boxes - My back will thank me for transitioning to the Drawer style. The cost of changing out some many short boxes is what keeps me from pulling the trigger. I use short boxes since they are much easier on my back and they make storage easier as
  3. Now that the search results are shown in as a grid instead of a pop-up window, is there a way to return to the results after clicking on an issue in the list? Or do I need to repeat the search again? Thanks, Dennis BTW, the search options for "Released this week" and "Released last week" have come in handy. Comicbase 2020 Archive Edition (v2020.0.2.3176)
  4. I have been having a problem with ComicBase Mobile when I want to look at my Title Report. After selecting the report, I click on 'view report' then click on the letter where the specific comic(s) are located. CB Mobile will either freeze when the title report comes up or it will get as far as the letter section then freeze. Android will give a pop-up asking whether I want to quit the app or continue to wait. I've clicked 'wait' 3 times before quitting the app. At first, I thought maybe my phone (Samsung S7) didn't have the resources, but my tablet (Samsung Tab S5e) had the same problem &
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