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  1. After adding new issues to the database (hit CTRL-I then scan issue barcodes) by clicking save, a page comes up listing all the issues entered. I want to click on an issue to go to the title (usually to check if I missed an issue) Is there a way to click on an issue to bring up the title for that issue? I vaguely remember having to double-click on an issue and the title page would come up, but I could be wrong. Thanks, -Dennis
  2. I don't know how I missed this thread in my search for this problem. I'm running into the same issue. Earlier today, I sent an email to support detailing my process. Just a quick rehash below: Today (10/19/22), when I clicked on "Check for Updates", I was notified a new program update was available (2023 4K Archive Edition). After the update, ComicBase closed so I restarted ComicBase and it asked for my login information.. I entered login info, let program start, check for updates, and clicked link for unrecognized items. A pop-up with the error, "could not start process with arguments" was reported. I do not know if the program update had contributed to this issue as I haven't used the unrecognized item link in months. Among my attempts to fix, I optimized the database and rebuilt the lists, closed & reopened ComicBase as well as restarting the computer. None of these actions helped. In addition, I verified no web browsers were open when clicking on the unrecognized items link. Tasks-to-do: Check if report was generated (Is link bad?) This weekend, try the steps listed by Steven Dasinger Try any recommendations from my email to customer support Re-install ComicBase? I will post again when I get more information. -Dennis ComicBase 2023 4K Archive Edition v23.0.0.1880 <no other versions listed in Apps & Features> SQLite v3.30.1 Windows 10 Pro v21H2 (19044.2130)
  3. The Comicbase UPC for Red Room #1 (2nd printing) is 61520081595000312. On my copy of this issue, the UPC is 61520081595000112. From a web search, I found two different sites: one site listed the former UPC and one site listed the latter UPC. Fantagraphics' website only shows the ISBN-13 (61520081595). Long story short, I don't know which UPC is correct or maybe both are correct. Unless I am overlooking it, there doesn't appear to be two different issues. I'll leave it up to you fine folks to make the final ruling. If I find an answer in the meantime, I will post. Thanks, Dennis
  4. I am sooo far behind on adding my indy comics. There are at least 16 short boxes of comics I need to enter into ComicBase. I've picked them up at a variety of sources where the majority are from Kickstarter, IndyPlanet, and comic conventions. One of the reasons I am behind is that I want the cover added to the entry. Getting the cover scanned and cleaned up is not a quick process for me. Then there are the digital comics. I never thought I would have that many since I don't care for reading comics in that format. In my search for more indy comics, I realized there was a lot of interesting comics that didn't have a print run or had a very limited print run. Plus it didn't hurt that I would rarely spend over $1 for a digital comic. Wowio.com was a good source of digital comics until it shut down.
  5. I liked Peter Bickford's article on managing a large comic collection. I'm always curious what processes other people use for large collections. Labeling and dividers - I should take advantage of these methods especially the dividers. It would be a major time saver in finding a series instead of a "divide-and-conquer" approach. Comic boxes - My back will thank me for transitioning to the Drawer style. The cost of changing out some many short boxes is what keeps me from pulling the trigger. I use short boxes since they are much easier on my back and they make storage easier as they can fit in smaller places, but it is a pain to get at comics on the bottom of a stack of boxes. I'll start by buying a few drawer boxes each year (I'll be 120 years old by the time I finish). Sorting - Originally, I did try sorting by title but when it came to adding new comics, the overflow would ripple down a few hundred boxes. To limit the number of boxes impacted, I started grouping the comics by major publishers then sort by title. The categories are: major publishers, active publishers, and non-active publishers. Major publishers - the term is subjective and is mainly determined by the number of comics I owned of a particular publisher. e.g. Is there enough to fill a couple short boxes? 'Active' publisher - All other publishers that are still publishing comics and I own a small amount of their titles. 'Inactive' publishers - Any publishers that are no longer publishing comics (Comico, First, Pacific, etc.) Bagging - I use the standard comic bags sold at my local comic shop. A while back, I bought a couple packages of the Mylar bags. My plan is to slowly transition the more valuable comics in my collection (Dazzler #1 🙂 ) to Mylar. It didn't make sense to replace all the bags due to the cost. I don't know if anyone has thoughts on using the cheaper comic bags vs. Mylar. It seems to work okay, although at times, I would like to go back to sort-by-title only just because I like keeping the sort simple instead of multiple layers. -Dennis
  6. Now that the search results are shown in as a grid instead of a pop-up window, is there a way to return to the results after clicking on an issue in the list? Or do I need to repeat the search again? Thanks, Dennis BTW, the search options for "Released this week" and "Released last week" have come in handy. Comicbase 2020 Archive Edition (v2020.0.2.3176)
  7. I have been having a problem with ComicBase Mobile when I want to look at my Title Report. After selecting the report, I click on 'view report' then click on the letter where the specific comic(s) are located. CB Mobile will either freeze when the title report comes up or it will get as far as the letter section then freeze. Android will give a pop-up asking whether I want to quit the app or continue to wait. I've clicked 'wait' 3 times before quitting the app. At first, I thought maybe my phone (Samsung S7) didn't have the resources, but my tablet (Samsung Tab S5e) had the same problem & it is fairly new. Restarting the device would allow the app to work most of the time. Any advice? Thanks, Dennis ComicBase Blu-Ray Archive Edition (latest update) ComicBase Mobile (latest update) Title report has no cover images and ~30K titles (or is it issues?) Cell Phone, Samsung S7, Android 8 (OREO), 4GB RAM, 32GB storage Tablet, Samsung Tab S5e, Android 9 (PIE), 6GB RAM, 128GB storage
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