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Previous and Next Title Navigation Button issue

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So, while I'm working through "unknown" title and issue, um, issues, I noticed this...  I thought I had seen this earlier, but didn't think enough of it to investigate or report.

Pressing the "Next Title" button moves me through titles one at a time, regardless of if they are "official" titles or "unknown" titles.  However, pressing the "Previous Title" button appears to go backwards only for "official" titles; it skips over "unknown" titles.


I happen to have an entry for "Annihilation: Scourge Alpha", a rogue entry with a semicolon where all the other books in this mini use a dash.  The title shows when I "Next Title" through titles, but is skipped when I "Previous Title" through titles.

I currently have "Show All Items" selected, and because I haven't reconciled this unknown issue yet, I have an owned copy of the unknown issue in this unknown title.

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A long-time issue with ComicBase is that it doesn't handle things like navigation very well when there are two titles that are identical except for punctuation.  HC solves this by making sure that the titles in the master database avoid this problem, but it can pop up from time to time in user databases if they don't regularly run content updates and/or pay attention to their "Unrecognized" list after running a content update.  

The solution to your particular problem is to get your issues that are under the "rogue" title listed under the correct title as it is listed under the master database.  Once there is no inventory that is "in stock" under your "rogue" titles, those titles should go away during your next content update (assuming you have the appropriate settings checked off prior to doing the update).  

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