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Unrecognized items that I can't find

Fred Slota

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Second pass on reconciling Unreconciled items.  I've adjusted a couple to use custom Variations, I have a couple honest-to-goodness real variants not in the database that I'll submit, but I have a couple I can't find.


These are listed as Unrecognized Comics...

Giant-Size X-Men Tribute 1

X-Men: Mutant Empire 1
X-Men: Mutant Empire 2
X-Men: Mutant Empire 3


My database has a title "Giant-Size X-Men: Tribute to Wein & Cockrum", and "Giant-Size X-Men" (with no Tribute #1 issue), but no "Giant-Size X-Men Tribute".


My Database has a title "X-Men: Mutant Empire", but it is a "Book", not a "Comic Book", and further does not have regular issues #1, 2 or 3.

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I tried searching for Mutant Empire on the Internet and all I can find are 3 text novels and 1 book that collects them.
I checked MyComicShop and GCD and can't find any comic listing (MyComicShop has the text novels listed).
Is what you have an actual comic or a text story?

Did the same for Giant-Size X-Men Tribute.
Only finding the one with Wein and Cockrum item (both single issues with variations and a book) at MyComicShop and GCD.

Can you supply scans or links to the issues?
It is possible you have something that isn't in CB (or MyComicShop or GCD) but if so, I am not finding any indication.

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You have completely misunderstood my issue.


I'm not reporting that I physically own the above issues and am wondering why ComicBase has never heard of them.


I am reporting that ComicBase is complaining about "Unrecognized Comics" in the database that I don't physically own and for which I am unable to find the titles or issues to delete them and clear the issue.

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