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Replace Existing Picture Notification Font Colors

Lance Fittro

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When replacing / overwriting cover scan images in ComicBase, there is a notification window that pops up which compares the two images so that you can visually confirm that it's the same book, as well as compare dimensions and file sizes of the two scans. Previously, the font for the replacement image specs would be green if the replacement image was larger than the existing, or red if it was smaller, which is helpful in quickly determining if my scan is an upgrade from what is in the master database and therefore would be beneficial to submit for the greater good of the CB community. With the upgrade to CB2022, I no longer have this font color change (see screen capture below). Is this an issue with just my local installation, or something that was changed / overlooked with CB2022? Everything else still functions the same, so it's a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but was an appreciated feature that I would like to restore if possible.


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