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Greg Saladino

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I recently upgraded from CB15 to the new 2020 Version.  While I'm still getting used to the new version (so far I like what I see!), I've noticed a few of the old features have been removed.  The one that I'm writing about now is the option that would automatically create a folder in the pictures directory whenever a new title was added to the database.  This was immensely useful, as now I need to add the folder manually, and if I don't type everything correctly, then CB won't find the pictures. 

I don't know if this created problems with the file system in the past, but as a compromise, instead of automatically creating a folder, how about the option to when you right-click on a title, if the folder doesn't exist, then have the context menu change from "Show Picture Folder" to "Create Picture Folder", and if the folder exists, only then do you show the option "Show Picture Folder"?


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Greg, this can still be done.

If you just want to create the folder, go to a Title that does not have any covers.

Then, right-click on the large picture area in the top left corner (if there are no covers, it should look like CB's super-guy), and select Show Picture File.

This will create (if it doesn't exist) and open a windows folder at that location.


If you have a Cover that you want to move into CB, make sure it is named correctly, and then drag and drop it in the grid area, this will also create the folder.

This is a little different from previous version where you dropped on the picture area.

(Technically, the folder will be created even if you have the cover named incorrectly, it just won't be tied to an Item #.)

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