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Designating the Titles I'm actively collecting.

Patrick O’Malley

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My goal is to be able to run reports/advanced searches on the titles that I am actively collecting.   

I renamed the Title Field Custom Check 1 to Active.


I then went to the Series and clicked the Edit Title button.


I then checked the Custom Check 1 box.  


I did notice that the name did not change.  I am also unable to use either version (Active or Custom Check 1) in the advanced search.

Am I missing something or is this not possible?




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No, you are not missing anything.

First, the Custom Check names should change in the Title Information window after you change it. I will mention this to HC and see if this can be fixed.

As for using Title information in Advanced Find, there currently is no way to select Title fileds from a drop-down box. There is only Issue fields.

However, as an unsupported function, you can use Title fields.

(I have updated the Advanced Find manual in 'News & General Discussion' to reflect this)

You do this by using the Table name instead of the I (which is for Issue Table).

For example, using an Issue field it would look like:


For a Title field use either ComicTitles, BookTitles, or MagazineTitles, depending on the Type you are searching, like this:

ComicTitles.Publisher    = 'Marvel'
BookTitles.Publisher     = 'Ballantine'
MagazineTitles.Publisher = 'Time'

ComicTitles.[CustomCheck1]    IS TRUE
BookTitles.[CustomCheck1]     IS TRUE
MagazineTitles.[CustomCheck1] IS TRUE

This is not supported by HC and I haven't tested it on all Title fields.

As for Reports, you can't use Title fields if you used menu item Reports->[type_of_report] but you can run a report on the result of a Find.

Run the Advanced Find to get a result.
Select some or all of the issues.
Right-Click and from the pop-up menu, select either 'Quick Report' or 'Report Selected Titles As...' then either 'Collection Report', 'Item Checklists', or 'Price List'. (I couldn't get the 'Collection Overview' or 'Wanted List' to work.)


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