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Cherry #1

T Brock

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Can you supply a little more information (and maybe a cover scan or link to it somewhere)?

I think, this Title is Cherry by Kitchen Sink. But it has a convoluted history.

Issues #1-2, with a Title of Cherry Poptart, was published by Last Gasp.

Issues #3-19, with a Title of Cherry, were published by Kitchen Sink

Issues #20-23 were published by Cherry Comics.

However, Cherry Comics also appears to have reprinted the earlier issues with the Cherry Comics Logo.

If all this is correct, I am not sure if Cherry as printed by Cherry Comics deserves its own Title or  to keep every thing in the Kitchen Sink Cherry title with a Note on Publication change and the various reprints.

Either way, based on the logos on the covers, some clean-up work looks like it is needed.

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I don’t think that a new printing necessarily requires a new title, especially in this case where the indicia explicitly calls the comic in question  the tenth printing. 

That said, the database doesn’t list Cherry #1 (10th printing) so it looks like that should submitted, including with a cover scan if possible. 

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