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Cover Scan Maintenance 2020-01-09

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Delete or Move ALL
From: Pictures\E\Editorial Novaro\Asombo
To: Pictures\E\Editorial Novaro\Asombro

Delete or Move ALL
From: Pictures\M\Marvel\J\Jane Foster- Valkyrie
To: Pictures\M\Marvel\V\Valkyrie- Jane Foster

Delete 290.jpg
From: Pictures\A\Aardvark-Vanaheim\Cerebus The Aardvark
(a double-book with #289)

Rename 19-C.jpg to 19-B.jpg
From: Pictures\D\Dynamite\Green Hornet (Dynamite)

Rename 1.jpg to 1-A.jpg
From: Pictures\M\Mount Olympus\Patriotika

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You can blame ASOMBRO on me, as I put in the request to fix the title name.   I figured (errr assumed) the weekly updater would have some magic flag for renamed titles and auto-magically resolve.  I guess not.

Dear CB techies, can this be done?   If a title gets renamed, or anything that impacts the folder path a flag be set so the updater can do that work and solve all these file dir naming issues?

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We can hope but I doubt it.  If you ever look through the picture folder as supplied by the picture disks, you will find a lot of old obsolete folders and incorrect cover scans spread all through it from many, many years of changes and errors.

From the programs perspective, this is (mostly) immaterial as it will only find valid folders for valid Titles and the the same for valid Item #s.

All the stray 'junk' is hidden from the program and, with the size of hard drives now, the space used is probably not enough to bother with.

I've cleaned mine up as best as I can and supply the 'Cover Scan Maintenance' post as a sort of log of what I changed in case anyone else cares.

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