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Pictures of issues with a point (.) in it, don't show

Willie Loeffen

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Since updating to the 2020 version (at least I never noticed this in previous versions), covers of issues with a point in the number, e.g Batman, second series, issue numbers 23.1 - 23.4 and al variants, do not show up in ComicBase (2020 Archive Edition).

On screen, in the program, these issues show up as 23,1 - 23,4 (so with a comma, instead of a point). In the picture folders they are there, but as 23.1 -23.4 (with the point). This may be caused by standard country settings in Windows (I'm Dutch, and we use decimal comma's instead of decimal points), or is there a setting in ComicBase? How to solve this problem without having to rename all the pictures, or changing country settings (thus creating problems with all other (Dutch) programs? Is this a bug in the program that still needs to be solved?

Thanks in advance for having a look at this.

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Yes, I expect it to be due to region settings. However, this was not a problem in previous versions, so it seems to be a bug in this one. I sent you an e-mail after your request on January 13, with further explanations and screenshots. If you cannot find it anymore, let me know and I'll send again.

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