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Weekly Update...Take Two!

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Over the last few updates (4 or 5?) I've been having the same error occur.  CB confirms that a new update is available and I begin the download process.  The new pane opens and the status bar appears and it reads "initializing."  That is all that is does, no progress, nothing at all.  I cancel the download and receive a message to the effect of "there was a problem with the update, it may not be fully uploaded" or something similar.  I clear the error message, immediately check for updates again, initiate the process and it works like a charm.  I'm using v22.0.1.1601. 

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I'd try the following:

1. Use File > File Tools > Optimize Database to make sure your database is in good shape.

2. Exit ComicBase

3. Go to your %temp% folder in Windows and delete anything it'll let you delete (some items will be busy--this is fine)

4. Restart

5. Try the update again, and let us know if you still have a problem.

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