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No picture folder?

Todd Norris

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I have uploaded a ton of images into Professional 2020 that were not included via the drag and drop feature. Due to Sidekick App not working correctly, I want to uninstall the software and then get a fresh install in to see if that fixes that issue. 

My main item is what happens to those drag and drop images once I uninstall? I have looked for a pictures folder in the Human Computing folder as I have seen on the Comicbase website, but there is no image or picture folder listed there. Where is that information housed?

No picture folder.jpg

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First, the Pictures folder (and its contents) will NOT be deleted if you Uninstall CB.


Second, the Picture folder is there but it is not located in the same place as the Databases. The easiest way to find it is:

Open CB and select menu item File->File Tools.

Then click on Manage Pictures and Movies.

in the window that opens, it should have the location of the Pictures folder.

The Default location should be on you C Drive in \Users\Public\Documents\Human Computing\

NOTE: Documents may be named Public Documents (Windows aliases this with Documents and either one could be displayed

PS: You can change the location to some other location if you like. Just remember to point the folder that Contains the Pictures folder and NOT the actual Pictures folder.




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